Books and Authors for Bank Exams

Authors and books for bank exams

ipps General Awareness Books & Authors. MBT Exam - IAS | PCS Exam - Banking Exam - SSC Exam - CBSE Board - Engineering Exam. ALSO READ: Bank Taglines/Slogans for IBPS and other tests standard author bank test books material new book ("Three book"). Philomina Nagar, Thanjavur. One more book for Bank PO and Clerk Exam.

Key books for bank and competition audits

Hi reader, most of you keep asking us about the books you should be reading to succeed. In addition to preparing your books on-line, books are also important, which you can take with you and study everywhere. We will provide you with the books suggested for each section for your competition test.

We' ll also add a brief comment to each of the books so that you can choose the one that suits your needs. You are not able to answer your question quickly. Every section is well illustrated with samples and many exercises. There is a good standard of questioning. These are CAT levels, as the books says.

It can be useful with the evolving patterns of bank audits. It is well known among those who prepare for the computer-aided translation (CAT) examination. - It contains many practical exercises with detailing. - There are many abbreviation technologies for each subject in the guide, which should be bought after the basic principles have been clarified and practiced well with the tips.

  • A good handbook with detailled and abbreviated formulae. - The name indicates the aim of the volume. This is a must if you want to improve your computation time. - Although it is intended for CAT testing, the guide will help to improve in the areas of quantity and DI capabilities.
  • There are many practical issues on each of these. - It contains all argumentation themes under one roof. - An indispensable volume. The logic and study of British language use. - It has attempted to convey the A to D of bank conditions and related issues.
  • It is good if it provides the information you need. - It contains good materials for all bank exams. This is a good guide for those who don't know anything about finance. - A must for the preparation of the GK part. - It has good theoretical and practical content.

It is very simple and comprehensible. Contains as well the answers to your question from the past years. Please also refer to the computer related issues raised in the exams of the past years. It' seen that some issues are being reviewed in the computer area. Please let us know if you are interested in other books that we do not recommend and you think they are good by writing to us in the comments section below, we will also be adding them.

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