Books and Authors

Authors and Books

Júni Dawson & Pandora Sykes. Discover the life of Beiruti women and Ceridwen Dovey. Harriett Gilbert and Tony Parsons and Olly Mann talk about their favourite books. The Pisces by Melissa Broder, published by Bloomsbury, is reviewed by Melanie O'Loughlin of Unity Books. I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.

A. John Abbott and Terry Ryan.

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Lloyd Grossman and Skin speak with Harriett Gilbert about their favorite books. Bruno Dawson and Pandora Sykes and Harriett Gilbert are discussing their favorite books. Ondaatje about his new novel Warlight. Comments by Michael Ondaatje, Nell Dunn about her novel, Discussioning to Women and a picture card from Croatia. There are books by David Sedaris & Mohsin Hamid under consideration.

The host Harriett Gilbert will be Robert Webb and Hugo Rifkind.

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This little kid is playing in the small hallways of a run-down building illuminated by kerosine lamps that have been..... Suyatha Gidla's début album, Any Among Elephants: A pristine family and the Making of Modern India, is a captivating..... If we experience how India goes through periods similar to.....

He writes a poetry book entitled..... Our elite societies have the capacity to first co-opt and then praise iconic resistances as soon as the mark.....

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