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UNIOT Diaz- writer says supposed molestation didn't happen" writer says supposed molestation didn't happen" Charp by Michelle Dean review What do Dorothy Parker, Hannah Arendt and Susan Sontag have in common? No. We' re gonna get the author's interest for a whole months. Book Blogs So Jonathan Franzen retires - which writer didn't say that?

Jonathan Franzen is retiring - which writer didn't say so? Hints, useful hints and ideas on what to read this weeks? Hints, useful hints and links: What are you going to read this weeks? Entry-Quiz How well do you know your fictitious bookstores? So how well do you know your fictitious bookstores?

Bruno Diaz says that supposed molestation "did not happen".

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Lyndall Gordon's UTSIDERS (Virago 9.99) In Outsourcing, award-winning writer Lyndall Gordon gathers the life of five novel writers Mary Shelley, Emily Bronte, George Eliot, Olive Schreiner and Virginia Woolf and investigates how their misfitness has affected their work. Tina Brown's THE VANITY FARIARIES ('9.99 W&N) In 2015, Tina Brown began to search through the magazines she had published in 1983-1992 when she published Vanity Faire Mag.

In 2006, after a policing of his Bolton home, Shaun Greenhalgh was commissioned to produce a vast amount of fake artwork from characters and Renaissance drawing in Egypt to works by artists such as artistes, artists and artists in auctions.

Peter Dunne's THE 50 THINGS (Trapeze 8.99) Middle-aged choppers can hardly stand the temptation to share their knowledge with their kids and some even release their wise advices in citation. JOURNEY WITH GHOSTS by Shannon Leone Fowler (W&N 8.99) In January 1999 Shannon Leone Fowler meets her prospective associate, Sean, in Barcelona.

BEYOND SERIOUSLY by John McEnroe (W&N 9.99) What does a legendary player do when she gives up the pros? Write his biography. Its first memoirs, Seriously, released in 2002, were a best-seller, but, as McEnroe stresses when I finished my first volume, I was just starting to figure out what to do with my life.

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