Booklist Reviews

Book List Reviews

Bookslist is the ultimate magazine for libraries. When a book is discussed in Booklist, you can be sure that it will be a solid addition to your collection. Every publisher of a book reviewed in Booklist receives a tearsheet of the review.


Booklist magazine's December 15th edition is now online. Check out Booklist Online, where you will find 128 new reviews and new items and listings. Some items are free for everyone for the next two week - you must login to have full acces. So if you are not yet a member, or if you are subscribed but have not yet signed up for an account, you can take action today!

Our latest printed and digitised versions contain every star magazine that appeared in 2017 - over 1,300 in total. You can only read eight free pages if you are not a booklist reader. You want the whole thing, you need to login. As a result of the subscription to the 22 booklists and four Book Links publications per year, subscription holders have printed, on-line, digital and archive versions.

As well as this subscription exclusivity, the December 15th edition includes interviewing each of the Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction 2017 finalists: The columnist Michael Cart evaluates the advancement of LGBTQ books, and Bill Ott remembers star reviews.

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