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The art of book design is to combine the art, content, style, format, design and sequence of the various components and elements of a book into a coherent unit. Designing, layout and use of MS Word. Help with book design in Microsoft Word, Pages, Open Office, Adobe InDesign, & other processing programs! These are some reasons to reconsider using Word to design your book:.

Designing books and layout and using MS Word

Self-editing has a negative image because too many writers create poorly crafted, self-published works with amateur covers designed with inadequate internal formatter. Luckily, more and more writers who choose the path of self-publication are learning how to make professional-looking work. That means you need to hire an editorial writer, a covers design engineer and a copywriter to edit the text using the latest editorial tools.

The majority of writers do not have these abilities and do not fully comprehend everything that goes into good coverage design and sizing. Whoever publishes his memoirs or personal histories only for families and on behalf of his or her own personal contacts does not have to adhere to the highest quality standard. Your familiy will appreciate everything you type, even if it's not so well spelled, even if it's hard-copy and hard-copy from a copy-store.

Let some of your relatives and boyfriends proofread the script and make a typo or grammar error or phrase that is not clear in its meanings. Writers who only post for the whole host families can use MS Word formatting. Writers who use Amazon's CreateSpace can send in MS Word-formatted scripts - not encouraged, but some may want to do so for funding purposes.

Writers using Lightningource or the new Ingram Spark for print should better use Adobe InDesign or other professional publication tools for their scripting. Writers using MS Word should know about the intricacies of the programme and should acquire some basic knowledge of the correct format of the books so that the inside of the books looks aesthetically appealing and the reader has a comfortable read without eye ache.

NEVER use Times New Roman as the typeface or the Calibri standard typeface of the latest MS Word-version. They' re good for computer readings, not so good for hard copy readings. A lot of writers reformat their MS Word scripts to make it easier to create e-books. While a number of e-book publishers use MS Word files for conversion to e-book formats, correct styling will require style skills.

Writers can find out how to prepare for e-book formatting by following directions from the firm they will use to post (Amazon Kindle Direct, Smashwords, Nook Press, etc.), or by hiring someone to prepare for the e-book for them. A lot of writers have learned how to style books for e-books, so ask yours.

A number of e-book distributors such as Books Baby and FastPencil produce the eBook for you as part of their customer service.

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