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Simply add your own text and images to personalize your brochure design. Quickly and easily create a professional brochure with this free brochure template for Microsoft Word & Publisher.

25-plus pages for free booklet templates

With so many different kinds of booklets, it can be difficult to know where to begin! The design of booklets is one of our specialities, which is why we give you an overview of the booklet series. We also found more than 25 of the best places on the Internet for free booklet templates to get you to work.

Leaflets are a proven promotional instrument because they are suitable for many different kinds of work. Property, distribution and other commercial endeavours often use leaflets to provide concise information to the consumer in a graphic and dynamically changing way. Printers have different possibilities when it comes to booklet fold, so we will briefly introduce you to the three most important kinds of booklets, then we come to the good things: free, print-ready booklet templates.

With the most-favoured booklet design, triple-folded booklets contain three even pleats that allow the designers to produce six boards of unparalleled contents. It is ideal for distributing shortened information and having more than one image of a book. A great option for property and medicine booklets. The second most frequent variant is a half-folded or double-folded booklet.

There is only one seam in the centre of the sheet and when completed it looks like a booklet. Halffold booklets are best suited for corporate presentation and programmes. Folded Z-brochures are another six-part optional feature with three notches. You can use this kind of booklet for your mailing and flyer, which contains easy-to-read, quickly forwarded information.

With three great booklet choices to choose from, you're all set to design one. There are many ways to create a booklet, which includes selecting different fold styles and sizes and using a large variety of design software. Fortunately, many booklet templates make it easy to create a new one!

We have researched for you and organised the contents so that you can work professionally. Here you can find the best places where you can find free booklet templates on the Internet: Are you looking for graphic information for your brochures? To get a complete, full-featured, professional look, consider some of these nine easy ways to enhance a PowerPoint slide show in your booklet.

We have seen that booklets can be a mighty instrument to put your company at the center of your customers' attention. Learn more about our booklet-design service, which includes the creation of information graphics and illustrations.

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