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The PDF Booklet Creator is a light-weight PDF booklet creation utility that makes it easy to generate PDF brochures. You can only work with a unique PDF document type. You must specify an exit target and decide between two different layouts (book or calendar) before the booklet is created.

You can have the new booklet opened at the end of the application. It is a cross-platform tool that does not package config preferences, so it is sure to appeal to novices who need to produce brochures with minimal work. It is possible, for example, to generate a booklet from a 141-megabyte PDF in less than a minutes.

It would have been useful, however, to see an options that could help us to combine several PDF files into a booklet, as well as print and zoom functions. In summary, PDF Booklet Creator cannot rival other high-performance utilities in its class because it is lacking many enhanced functions.

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You may have some headache when you are going to have to group the pages in a certain way. The Top of the line range offers the features you need, but if you want to use a conventional typewriter to produce your books at home, you will need some thought to find out how to organize the pages.

Booklet Creator can organise the pages of a page for you by turning the page into a booklet. When printing a PDF that has been tampered with by this program, you can collapse the pages and make a PDF-file. It works under Windows 2000 and all higher version and is also available for different Mac OSes.

The installation of BookletCreator is a straightforward process that will take a few seconds. In addition to aligning a PDF file with the user interfaces of the applications, you can also make various modifications according to how you want to have your booklet printed. There is a number of pages per booklet and a page thumbnail page sized that you can choose from individual drop-down lists.

Booklet Creator contains some other functions that can be very useful in certain circumstances. When you want to reprint your letter with a double-sided scanner, you can configure the program to mirror the pages. You can also insert empty pages in the last issue. Another interesting function is the ability to specify that your documents are in right to lefthand languages, such as Hebrew or Arabian, so you won't be surprised when you do it.

Once your preferences are finished, all you need to do is click a pushbutton at the bottom of the screen and your final documents will be in the same file in seconds. It can rearrange the pages of a PDF file so that you can collapse them into a single page after printing.

If you have a double-sided machine, you can embed certain pages, mirror them, and more. It is very simple to use and it only needs a few seconds to change a work. Disadvantages: The program only works with Adobe Reader software. When preparing your printable files with BookletCreator, you can easily collapse their pages into a work.

BookletCreator can be downloaded here free of charge.

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