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Newest tweets from The Booking Maker (@theBookingMaker): Reservations for a hot desk are not mandatory, but are preferred. Most widely used and powerful real-time booking system for conference rooms in the hotel industry and the only one integrated with Oracle MICROS Opera. They can easily accept, decline or change booking requests. First Technology Playmaker Awards.

Free-of-charge online scheduling software and booking system

Create your own personalized, portable, streamlined booking website or add it to your current website and even your Facebook page! Email alerts to employees and customers when an appointment is scheduled, canceled, or postponed. We' even got a committed safety official to keep the crew on their feet! Allows you to pay on-line when booking through various methods of settlement such as CardConnect, PayPal, Stripe and more.

Book a widget for Facebook, Wordpress and other CMS or use our online integration tool to create your own integrate. Unrestricted Servies, Unrestricted Serviceproviders, Unrestricted Client and Unrestricted System User at no additional charge! Customise your booking website to your own brands and customise all your messaging for alerts, reminders, feedbacks, etc.

Track your reservations, on-site calls, the most favorite carriers and ministries in any equipment at any given moment. Synchronize the booking page with your Google or Outlook calendars to avoid planning conflict. They can have several different pre-defined sites and allocate employees to different sites or post customers. Booking sluggish?

Offering rebates and even rewarding customers for disseminating the promotions. Continued sales growth through the sale of goods on booking. Customers can plan meetings over the Internet with any machine, anywhere, anytime. E-mail & SMS alerts & automated booking confirmations help your customers to arrive on a timely basis.

System automates sending feedbacks for deadlines so customers can give their own ratings. Customers can also view other people's ratings. Customers can call off an appointment, which is always better than not coming! Plan a booking for a whole group at once and make advance payments if necessary.

Create a personalized and personalized look for your booking website. And you can even select the most comfortable way for your customers to see the availablility of your booking, e.g. by booking classes, times or people. Me and my whole group use every booking to keep client medical records for every single meeting.

We' re sending out a simple booking calendars page today and they' ll find the right date for them and make their own bookings. This saves us a lot of valuable working hours, which we can now use for our customers. When you are considering getting an on-line booking system, don't even think twice about it, just do it.

When I' m calling a company, I can' t stand making an appointment. Contrary to other booking schemes, which invoice you for the number of your employees or service, our prices are calculated on the number of reservations and the adjustment of the system. They can have unrestricted personnel, unrestricted service and unrestricted customers! As we know, even if you are just getting started, you have a number of different people offering many different types of service, but it is the reservations - the deal - that determine how well you do it.

Administer and plan your class! If you want your customers to be able to book on your own booking page, they can prepay if you wish, all without you! Above all, you get more reservations and more satisfied customers! Stopping duplicate entries and costly no-shows. Custom member feature allows you to resell member accounts and limit your chosen service purchases to members only.

You can also use this function to debit your customers on a regular monthly or monthly base as long as your payer is offering recurrent incoming payments. We' ve put together a short movie showing how a booking page is instantly shown on the user's booking page.

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