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As franchise booking agencies, we meet the highest standards of professional service. Book Agents are the lifeblood of the travel world. The new economy of Canadian music is making professional booking agents increasingly indispensable for up-and-coming and mid-sized artists.

Bookings Agents:: The Canadian Association of Musicians

As franchising agencies, we satisfy the highest demands for the highest level of quality in our work. Bookingmanagers work to link artists with those who want to buy their work. These intermediaries conclude agreements with buyers to ensure that there are no disguised charges or charges and no unpleasant surprise in the amount of commissions or quoted work.

The AFM/CFM musicans commissioned by the company also comply with the highest possible technical requirements. The Booking Agents Directory is for artists and anyone interested in recruiting a musician. For AFM/CFM licenced representatives in the USA or Canada, click here. The AFM/CFM will take steps against an obligor for breach of contract on the name of the member(s) or delegate.

AFM/CFM will transfer funds to the member(s) if there is a breakdown during the touring. In the event that no commissions are payable to an intermediary by a member (15-20% according to the nature of the commitment), the intermediary may lodge a complaint with the CFM for resolution through the use of in-house procedures. The AFM/CFM also offers special agreements for performing in the USA.

AFM can provide support to AFM officers working in the United States under a P-2 temporary work permit. The AFM can also help to obtain work permits for US members in Canada. Attendees & members can take full benefit of AFM's web hosting service. Musician looking for an AFM licensed spy will only be directed to AFM licensed spy.

Support of the locals: AFM locations are reliable for listing the available artists and locations.

AFM's reservation services are designed to recruit members for company, trade unions and/or weddings concerts. Agents & members can add pictures and music.

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