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One week in the life of.....

.. It' a booking agent, Stephen Wade.

He is the proprietor and bookings agency of Select Music. Represented Australia's best talents, among them Passenger, Boy & Bear, Josh Pyke, San Cisco, Emma Louise, Rufus, Seth Sentry, The Church and Bob Evans, to name but a few. During Select Musics 10 years it has developed into one of the top agents in the state, which also represent bands like The Preatures, Ball Park Music, Shock One in all genres of music.

Mr Stephen kindly consented to let us know what a tipical working weekend looks like for one of the busy accounting agencies in the state. I' m the proprietor and SVP of Select Music. Acting as an agency means taking over all of my artists' direct reservations - receiving requests for unique shows & festival dates, scheduling tour plans for new productions.

Then our employees are engaged in commissioning the shows, gathering all information and making spreadsheets available to the artist, mailing billboards and promotions, issuing invoices and cash. It' Australia day. I' ve got Thelma Plum and one of my new Winterbourne on The Rocks. Although it's a bank break, there are still bands to play and correspond with.

There are some questions about our artist, so they will always be replied to first. I' m calling some of the big festivals to present my bands and tell them why they should be a part of it. I' ve got a rendezvous at 11:00 and one at 12:00 to go on tour internationally.

I' m making a few budget for a few of my top-class bands who want to go on the road later in the year. We' re having a morning get-together with a management of some of my greatest artist. We' re going to get together because he has the release plans for some performers and then we' ll talk about the best way to get the bands back on the market.

We' re talking about the amount of elapsed we need and the right places to play. I' m tracking requests for what I've done. Walk through the villages for one of the big trips we are doing this weeks in Australia. I' m calling the manager of the bands I've suggested for the festival to give them the feedbacks.

  • Listen to new songs every weekend from unfamiliar bands and your own mainstreams. - Go to the shows and experience the gigs, stand next to the platform and watch the audience losing their ass. It is for the dreamer and those who really care and are truly inspire by the unbelievable musicians and creators.

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