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The iPad Pro tilts this luxurious leather case for drawing, painting and sketching. The BookBook also has a built-in holster for your Apple Pencil or Stylus. This is a hard leather-bound folder for the iPad that looks like an old book. It is handmade and has a soft, a library of BookBooks for iPad only. The BookBook for iPad family includes cases for iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini.

BooksBook for iPad and iPad Pro

Contemporary technology combined with antique design. BooksBook for iPad is a beautiful case made of genuine iPad skin that fits like a gloves into the iPad series. Every BookBook is a handcrafted, unique hardcover case made of genuine hard cover paper to help preserve and improve the iPad gaming experiences. BookBooks for iPad Pro and iPad 2018 have an integrated case to keep your Apple Pencil exactly where you need it.

Once your work is done, you know your iPad is securely stored in a protection suite that' s specifically tailored to the online market. Things you' re going to like about BookBook for the iPad: Do you have an older iPad version? BookBook's Store here. Unpack BookBook for iPad and iPad Pro, raise the built-in stand and your gorgeous iPad display is now tilted so your watch can take full effect.

BooksBook turns your iPad into an easel to draw a work of art, take a note during a presentation, refine architecture drawings or create inspiration for your next DIA projects. Flip down the stand, put your Apple Pencil in your backpack ('Pro' and'2018' models), close the two zips and your work is secure and healthy in the BookBook.

Every BookBook for the iPad is awakened to reality with skill and hardship to ensure that no two are exactly the same. BookBook is a classic work of artwork just for your iPad, ranging from double zips with leathers that look like a bookmark at first sight to the gorgeous, disquieting calfskin trim. Inside, a smooth, microfibre-reinforced inside surface provides the iPad look, while the two hard cases and the strengthened back protect against crash.

BookBook dresses up your iPad as a classic as an additional safety feature. Add the final touch to your projects with BookBook. Loosen the cowhide gloves holding your iPad Pro, flip the smooth hinges and you are in viewers. Customize the iPad's corner to combat dazzle and find the ideal view of the giant retina show.

The BookBooks collection includes iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. This gorgeous real cowhide case looks and feels like old book. Hardcover protects your Mac and its unmatched styling protects it from thieves. The BookBook for iPhone is also a pocketbook. How is Classic Brown different from Rutledge Edition?

Classic Brown and Rutledge BookBooks are identical in terms of shape, functionality and protect. Rutledge BookBook is manually pressed during the production of Rutledge BookBook leathers, which makes them look slimmer and gives them a glossier, tougher and more scratch-resistant surface. In addition, the envelopes of the Rutledge BookBook have several hand-applied and hand-ground coats of paint that give each one a uniquely golden-red centre that slowly darken towards the rim.

When you are looking for a smoother, more classic grain look, the Classic Brown is for you. In the course of the years, this natural patinated bag gives it a classic look and feeling. Is it possible to wear my Apple Pencil in the BookBook for the iPad? All of our BookBooks developed for the iPad Pro have a case on the back that holds your Apple Pencil in place beautifully - including the new iPad BookBook 2018.

Every BookBook developed for an iPad that does not have Apple Pencil built-in does not have this function (Air 1/2, min 1-4 and iPad 2017). Does my Apple Smart keypad work with BookBook for iPad Pro? BookBook for iPad Pro 12. The 9-inch is conceived in such a way that your instrument is placed in a perfect dimensioned inner cover.

When this is done, there is a genuine black border at the edge of the iPad Pro, which means that the Apple Smart Keypad can no longer be used. BookBook has a built-in stand that provides the ideal viewing angles for tapping and drafting on the monitor. And if you want to keep your keypad, we recommend our BookBook for MacBook (13-inch Retina), which gives you the room to keep both the iPad Pro and your keypad in good working order and the cover you want.

Does my iPad with shell go in the BookBook? No, all our BookBooks for iPad come with a protective inner case made of genuine cowhide to keep your iPad or iPad Pro in. If your iPad is stowed in a BookBook, you have the cover you need, with two hard cases and a strengthened back for crash resistance and a smooth, microfibre enforced inner layer to keep the display and surface protected.

What is the best way to look after my BookBook for iPad� Even though some clients like to use our cleaning or maintenance tools, we don't "recommend" it because we like our own BookBooks more and more as they become more and more scratchy and soiled. They look more authentic, desperate and old-fashioned and become more "individual".

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