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Taking all these factors into account when writing is crucial for young readers. I' ve only got so many words to play with - very few in my picture books. Best problem generator website for writing essays vocabulary . You can read any title and subtitle of a non-fiction book or article. Receive your free cheat sheet to write and publish your first book in five steps.

You want to author or release your novel, I have you in my sights.

You want to author or release your novel, I have you in my sights. I am a writer trainer and publishers and provide scriptwriting training and publication services - from scratch to nut - for all your needs. No matter if you are just beginning a career or looking for a great writer or a great design professional, I have an expanded staff of professional bookers willing to guide you all the way across the finishing line.

I have been working for seventeen years at Buchverlag, first as an associate journalist, then as editor-in-chief and now as a distributor for an independent "hybrid" business . By co-founding the media, She Watches Work, I am on a quest to improve the competitive conditions for writers everywhere. In order to learn more about my editorial story and my obsession with the go-ahead, I would like to invites you to see my presentation on my latest publication Green-Light Revolution:

Mathew Fitt presents a great Scottish writing website and contest

SKOOSH! is an exhilarating new on-line library of young writers' poetry, story, monologue and play - all in our own bright Scottish langua. There are some who call Scots'slang'. Some say it's a blind tongue and it doesn't make sense anyway. However, when young Scottish-speaking youngsters find out that they can also type in Scotland, this can often greatly increase their self-confidence.

To some young people in Scotland, literacy can be the one thing that really motivates them to be better authors, better people. Recently the Scotland Government issued a document supporting the belief that Scotland can be a mighty instrument of learn. SKOOSH! is part of the SKOOSH! website.

Sponsored by Creatives Scotland and run by me, Matthew Fitt, Scotts Hoose has everything you need to get started in Scotland. There' are hints, suggestions, songs, information, movies and Muscle Fair - and now many great new texts from students that you can find on SKOOSH!

How about songs like Mash Up by Ayr Academy students? Send your letter to SKOOSH! SKOOSH! is always looking for new Scottish fonts. I don't care what Scottish you use. You' re as good a writer in Scotland as anyone. So if you have a book, history, monologue or theatre piece and it is in Scotland, we would like to see it and maybe put it on SKOOSH!

Please email your letter to If you are not sure how to start, what to start about or what the Scottish tongue really is, come to Scotland's best source for Scottish culture and Scottish culture. The Education Scotland's Scotland's Scouts Competition is another great way to get your letter seen by others.

When you think about joining, a visit to the SKOOSH! and SKOOSH! and SKOOSH Hoose web sites is an instant pleasure! This contest is looking for Scottish language novels or poetry and is open until 23 November. Have a look at the remainder of our Scottish Educational Blogs, where you'll find research, updates and top teaching advice on Scot use.

Scottish ressources are also available in our Resource Area - have a look here.

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