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You can export your book as reflowable or fixed-layout ePub for eBooks or as PDF for paperbacks. Clases, contests and more ways to share and improve your writing. Are your fonts limp or fit? Books, websites and PR content are written to build brands, businesses and legacies. A few years ago Shutta Crum wrote one of my favorite storystorm posts about designing an irresistible picture book opening.

Write a work with office-like Maxie McCoy does it

We' ve recently met with inspiring author, presenter and millennium old specialist Maxie McCoy, a self-proclaimed office fanatic ("I am in Office. Always. Period." )-to hear her opinion about Researcher and Editor, two new cloud-based ministries to help you write your best in Word. These two functions are exclusively for Office 365.

Much of Maxie's spare word resources include blogs and stories for a wide range of sites. She is currently working on a proposed reading for her agents to suggest a publication to editors - a reading that will help millennia to discover their passion, progress in their career and basically lead their best years.

No wonder she was interested in how she could use researcher and editor for her work. We' ve created Researcher to help you on your way to an initial design. Browse trusted resources and insert contents into your document - with correctly formated quotes - directly in Word.

Researchers tap Bing to get the information you need for more than 1 billion users, places and things on the Internet. The editor with its enhanced correction and edit functions will help you while Researchcher makes it easier to get in. Combining native speech recognition with automated study, it gives advice for your typing skills so you can interact more efficiently.

It identifies complicated words or ambiguous sentences and provides proposals to reinforce your typing. As an example, the publisher may suggest using "most" instead of "the majority of" (in this book you are almost done). One of Maxie's struggles is to find out how to keep the right nuance or the right tone of speech on every website she types for, while being effective with her words.

"I go from site to site and there is a different vote for each site. Notepad can give me advice on how to express myself much more concisely when I need it. This could be good for a contribution I'm making to Huffington Mail, as opposed to something I'm doing for my own website." She also proposes a synonym for words that are used too often to give her various fonts a change.

There is no need to work for a livelihood like Maxie to use Researchers and Editors. Both functions are geared towards improving over the years. The scientist will soon add resources such as well-known encyclopaedias and historical data bases and will be available on portable terminals. Notepad will further enhance its latest orthography and vocabulary utilities so you can waste your creativity on being just as imaginative.

So we wondered what Maxie's next big venture was after her novel was out. Thanks to Maxie for a look at our brandnew Word feature. Over the coming few moths, look out for her as she journeys around the globe to speak and teach, and also pay attention to her forthcoming work.

Researcher and Editor are now available for Office 365 customers using Word 2016 on Windows workstations. Maxie McCoy's spare minute is precious, so we made up for taking the trouble to tell her a little more.

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