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Tips for writing books by authors

Browse the partner directory for Book Writing Advice. These instructions for authors focus on the basics of self-publication: great writing. As a YA author, chances are you have some romance in your book. Advice and resources from experienced authors to prospective authors. As I started writing, I searched the Internet for clues and tips on how to write a novel.

Featuring ten typing hints from mystery writers

When there is a doubt, the author more than "When will your next novel be published", then it is a piece of good advise for future writers. These are ten hints from some of the most popular mystery writers to help you begin and end your work. It is Peter James' favorite hour to read and read in the evenings.

"I' m mixing a solid vanilla custard with four olive trees, putting on either jazzy or operatic, switching off the telephone and signing out of my e-mail and starting to flash. "Agatha Christie wrote wherever she could: "I never had a specific place that was my room or where I retreated specifically to writing.....

I just needed a fixed desk and a typing machine. There was a washbasin in the master suite, which was marbled, and the dinner counter between mealtimes was a good place to work. "Truman Capote could only read while reclining: "I' m a totally horiz... Can' t think unless I'm laying in my own room or on the sofa with a cigaret and a cup of tea at hand.

" You are distracted by the requirements of daily routine, especially when you' re working on a new novel. But Ian Rankin found the ideal answer by fleeing to his home on the Scottish coast: "and no TV. Awesome. "Val McDermid finds rail travel the ideal place to work undisturbed:

"And I like to scribble on a train. Wi-Fi is usually dark, the telephone signals interrupted and folks respected the headphones and the open laptops. "While she was typing Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn made sure there were plenty of pauses for Netflix or one or two videogames: "I firmly believe that I had some of my best penpiphanies when I did things that have nothing to do with text.

" She gets many of her thoughts from newscasting and Fr. D. James proposes to take a diary everywhere "Never go without a diary because you can see a face that will be just the right face for one of his people. You can see the place and think of the words to describe it.

" If it' s the place or a position between the protagonists, you should tell us about it, because it is real and it will come through in your novel. Fr. D. James says: "You should definitely be writing about what you know. "The hard-boiled writer Raymond Chandler said: "It has to be real in nature, environment and atmoshere.

The first sketch of Ann Cleeves' novel is "I am following the counsel of the great John Mortimer - writing the volume first and then researching it. Make a note of what makes the books so great - from storylines to characters. It was Patricia Highsmith, writer of The Talent Mr Ripley, sitting on her bedside, wrapped in tobacco, ashtrays, matchsticks, a cup of espresso and a donut with a matching glass of powder.

It had to evade any kind of disciplines and make the act of typing as pleasant as possible.

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