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Self-employed typing: A top 10 sites where you can be payed to post

Anybody who has ever spend a lot of his or her free lance looking for a paying freelancer job to write on line will know the sorrow of frustration. This article will look at 10 of the best web pages where you can write various types of free-lance letters and get rewarded for the privileges. Things we have enumerated below are 10 of the best pages in various niche that periodically accepts free-lance typing, but there are also a few good pages that offer various unique free-lance typing job host:

Of course, the type and qualitiy of the offered job can be very different on such sites, but these 3 are generally better looked after and of higher qualitiy than many others. Now to the master list: By far the most popular site on this site by far, Cracked maintains more than 20 million viewers per months with its choice of fun and engaging stories, feature stories and in-depth interview.

It is also unparalleled in that every single piece of content you post to the authors' forum (once you have registered) is checked and provided with input from the editors, making it a useful way to improve your freelancing as well as to get posted and remunerated. By the way, the payment begins at $150 per approved contribution and increases as soon as you make it beyond 5 posted contributions, and with additional bonus offers if you can count to the most favorite items of the year.

If you are a traveler, there are many places where you can be payed to post about travelling, but not many where you can be payed to post about it. The Great Escape gives free-lance writer travelers the opportunity to make a little more money by creating stories to help other emerging writer travelers enhance their work.

Wages will range from $50 to $200, depending on the type of pole, so if you have had hit in writing travel, why not see if you can give your insights? Don't let the listing of most WhatCulture contributions put you off, because it's actually a great place for professional authors who enjoy everything that has to do with the entertain.

As with WhatCulture, the site is frequented by billions of visitors every months, but the big deal is that you always get a set amount of $100 for your paperwork. Payment may differ according to the length and type of item, but can be between $50 and $200 for free-lance work.

Nearly every enthusiastic readership wants to speak about a novel as soon as it is finished: Frequent reviews have a tendency to report about one reviews a week, so you won't make a killing, but if you still like to read in your free hours, why not get a pay?

It is a pay rise above many others too, with authors acquiring $1,000 and up for brief invention and broad strokes, and $200 for poetry - which are publicized in print ad if adopted. When you are familiar with web designing, A List Apart provides an ideal opportunity to exchange this expertise and get rewarded for it.

The GetAbstract is a website for authoring non-fiction literature with a one-of-a-kind perspective - with short, 10-minute abstracts of long non-fiction workbooks. And it should address almost every writer: because the topic is typing itself! They can vote to post articles about freelancers, blog, publish and just about anything related to the art of typing.

Fresh entries will be rewardsed with a back to your own website, but you can also choose to pay $75 a pop - and you will profit from The World Life's large audience of people. We hope you will find one or two pages in the above page for which you would like to post - we will keep this page up to date and add more pages proposed over the years.

What webpages have you used to search for free work? Did you try one of those on our hit lists? Divide these pages for free-lance typing:

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