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She loves words and books and has edited the book review site Chicklish. Publishing books can be confusing. Click on the title to view the book and its workbook: Writers who need more than two years to write a book. I' bet you didn't know you could make money writing greeting cards, did you?

Ultimately, ten authors' websites that really do the deal

Bookswarm digitals company manager Simon Appleby emphasizes ten sites that do credit to their writers on the web. Obviously, some writers' sites are better than others. It' s really a good match for the theme of the books: spying, deception and gloom. In addition to the homepage, there is a lot of contents, and the site recognizes both the overall character of the publication and the interest in movies founded on the author's work.

Awnspots: Stains: Stains: Black: In the lower part of the homepage the author's picture is crushed and warped - a fundamental mistake that unnecessarily leaves a beautiful looking page in the lurch. In the Gallery section you will find listings of wines and games, summarizing all the gastronomical and intercultural testimonials of the book, which is a nice confirmation for those who really want to enter the writer's realm, for fansites from all over the globe.

Awnspots: Stains: Stains: Black: He is a novelist with a lot to say - not just about his novels - and he uses his website to say it (he bloggled seven time in January 2013). While not all authors will have the feeling that they can maintain this layer of interactivity and still concentrate on their typing, if you are someone who can, this is a good example of how to do it well.

Awnspots: Stains: Stains: Black: It may be a bit outdated, but with the contents it's in fact a trivial matter. Keep in mind, contents are first! Granted, few writers will ever have the tools to build and run a website available to the Harry Potter writer. There are short biographic articles in the bulletins about the most important pre-release biographies of the writer, dating back to 1965.

Awnspots: Stains: Stains: Black: It may be a little bit hygienic for our tastes - although you can see why they would stay away from an obvious Potteresque look and feeling. Awnspots: Stains: Stains: Black: If you have enough of Bernard Cornwell's writing, you need to give your supporters a helping hand to keep everything even - and this organizes all the tracks by serial, as well as a short phrase from the writer on each page (many pages simply repeating the text that can be found on every bookseller's page).

Awnspots: Stains: Stains: Black: Nonfiction writers also need web sites, and that's a good thing. It has a "skin" that mirrors the designer's latest volume, but that will certainly be changed when there is a new one. This World War II citation is highly regarded by scholars and scholars.

Blacks: Because it shows that when you have good contents, you don't necessarily need a special outfit. The site uses a very easy WordPress topic - but within seconds of arrival you can read Self's Editing Restaurants ratings for the New Statesman or find out more about his work.

Awnspots: Stains: Stains: Black: There are two different ways of presenting information about a book - the link on the lefthand side and the link in the BookShell. This site for the writer of Gone Girl is just a nice bit of skin - it provides an ambience and a sound that matches both the look and the theme of the book, through the conscious use of colours, textures, images and types.

Blemishes: Difficult to criticise - a good example of clear thought and clear designs suitable for both the British and American market. Awnspots: Stains: Stains: Black: While the web is evolving, our notions of "how good it looks" will continue to develop - but keep in mind that creating a good authoring website is less about what it looks like than what you have to say, who you have to say it to and how often you anticipate to say it.

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