Book Writing Program

bookwriting program

"A book to rule them all. University of Dayton Antioch Writing Workshop Summer Program. The EPA selects this outstanding book on writing programs and program management every two years.

Algonkian Novel Writing and MS Revision Courses

Developed by the Algonkian Writer Conferences Department and later reviewed by NYC publishers for hands-on and time-critical use by authors of genres (SF/F, YA, The mysterious, thriller, historical, etc.) and discerning writer. So if you want to start or successfully re-start your novel, or if you want to start it at your own speed with editing instructions, you have found the right one.

Our aim is to bring you as near to the ring of gold as possible to make your novel as competive as it needs to be at all tiers, while at the same time preventing you from making mistakes, giving poor advices and paying astronomical sums. It doesn't make any difference what state your novel is at or where you are in your typing world.

As a novelist, the programme stages, the method and the department allow you to study and develop at your own time. Our experts will thoroughly review your work and you will jointly define the publishing objectives, participate in manuscripts and projects if necessary and support you later in the search for agents and in drafting the inquiry letters.

Authors' meetings, authors' work-shops, textbooks, MS writers and even the most senseless MFA programmes have a role to play in the development of an editor, but none of them offers the practical means and methods to get the work done (and often not even to get it started). - If you are a "Frequently Asked Questions", remember that at the end of Stage 4 of the programme, and of course subject to the necessary manuscripts, we will either help you find and find a suitable representative or consider your work for agency through one of our own literature-agency.

In addition, at the end of this program: This is an editor-controlled use of our progressive craftsmanship (see curriculum), leading to a personalised and competitively priced storytelling approach. Unlimited telephone consultation with members of the Department of Program-related to your history, your fiction and all important new features to determine your competition against other authors in your discipline and to make any further changes and enhancements that may be required before the presentation or consultation phase.

This is a real release schedule that reflects the state of your script and your skills.

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