Book Writing Program

bookwriting program

Please write the book you want to read! This is an online program supported by intensive stays on campus. At the end of the Power Writing Program you will have a finished and professionally published book. We have writing consultants for all CAS WR classes. Dates can be booked online.

Writing your novel: 6-Months-Program

You' ve got the concept, you have the character, you may even have a first sketch, but you know that it's not quite prepared to go to an editor or editor yet. They want professional feedbacks to help them produce the best possible versions of their manuscripts. The six months novel writing program is intended to help you take your novel to the next stage.

You must have at least 20,000 words to be eligible for the program. When you have a first - or even a second or third - design, we help you to look at it in an objective way and to make significant improvements. We' ll help you create the critical opening section - the part you present to the agents or publishers that increases or decreases your publishing likelihood.

Workshopshopping includes: Writing highlights - beginning with the first page of your book! This program includes: continuous feed-back on your novel from your moderator. One of the peculiarities of this program is that you will be compared with other program members who write in the same category as you or have similar writing skills or fights in common.

While you are on a lesson pause, everyone in your group will be reading your whole book - while you are reading your book. Once the lesson is resumed, you will receive detailed feedbacks and feedbacks on the design architecture, workflow and outcomes. It gives you well-organized feedbacks from knowledgeable, smart people who have been through workshopshopping before and understands what type of book you are looking for.

The moderator will then help you schedule your definitive processing on the basis of this feed-back. Not only will it allow you to have your entire book reviewed by demanding audiences, it will also allow you to build your own structurally working capabilities - and give you a deadlines to work on! Whatever state your novel is in, this program gives you the drive and dedication to take it to the next stage - and maybe even further.

Pat Walsh, the US publisher, says: "The main reasons your book may never be released is because you didn't write it. It is YOUR idea and fantasy that make your story so special - and find your vote in your writing. She is the award-winning writer of more than 30 novels.

A Letter from Italy, her most recent book, Pamela Hart, is a historic novel at the peak of the First World War (2017). That in 2016, The War Bride, a historic novel released just after World War I, continued by The Soldier's Wife (2015) (all released by Hachette Australia).

Her most recent release for them is the Princess Betony range by Walker Books. Their new Lake Eyre is a non-fiction book (Walker Books, 2016). Also Pamela is writing adult fanciful movies. It is known for the casting triology (published in the USA, Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Australia) and for Ember and Ash, winners of the Aurealis Prize for the best novel.

A further children's book, Victor's Challenge, was released in Australia and Great Britain in 2009 and won the Aurealis Award for Best Children's Fantasy. She is a literary journalist with over 25 years of publishing expertise. She has worked as an editorial and publishing professional for HarperCollins, Scholastic Australia and Koala Books. In addition, she worked as marketing manager for Koala Books and as book club journalist at Scholastic Australia.

She has published essays and illustrated textbooks for many writers, among them Jackie French, Wendy Orr, Garth Nix, Mem Fox, Cathy Wilcox, Bruce Whatley, Jennifer Fallon, Garry Disher and three Australian Writers' Centre moderators: Judith Rossell and Sue Whiting. For 10 years Bernadette Foley was editor of literature and non-fiction for the Hachette Australia publishers and worked with writers such as Di Morrissey, William McInnes, Gabrielle Lord, Graeme Blundell, Kate Ceberano, Bronwyn Parry, Lian Hearn, Pamela Freeman, Troy Cassar-Daley and many others.

One of the most networked individuals in the publishers business, she has been an editorial and publication professional for over 30 years and received the George Robertson Award for Service to the Australian Publishers Industry in 2015. So, if you want to get your comments, help and suggestions.... join the club!

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