Book Writing Planner

Planner for writing books

Getting Started - a project planner that helps you keep track of multiple novels! The phases are: thinking, planning, writing and revising. ("@plotwhisperer"), recently published in Writer's Digest Books. Daydream, plan and do everything in one amazing planner. Audrey Fielding, Freelance Early Years Music and Story Specialist, tells us how she plans a bookbug session and gives many tips on what she should include.

Include: Sections:

Novel Planner Workbook will help prospective and experienced authors of all age groups to design, sketch and create their own novels - whether they are an epochal novel or a short one. This is a great, in-depth check list for the self-published author, split into 5 subsections: It is also an important asset for those who are looking for a publisher's business.

It is a section that contains space for you to brainstorm your thoughts and ask some of your own answers before you begin working on your storyline. In this section you will find the:: You don't have to be worried that you don't have enough of them for your whole history, because I've added information to the scheduler where you can get more of these for free and get as many copies as you want and need.

Where is a storyless storyline? That' s why I have added the easy Seven Point Stories tree to this work. Some other large parts of the book: I also added a research list where you can enter what you need to research for your history and check it when you're done.

There' s also a section titled The Ultimate Story Checklist, and it is subdivided into subsections, such as: In order to make full use of this check list, use it after you have completed your first design. I' ve included this in the textbook to give you some guidance on how to do so.

There' s also a lot of room for extra memos throughout the whole volume, as well as whole pages of it on the back to give you some room for your own thoughts. And don't forgetting that you get FREE extra PDF documents and sketch characters that you can print and upload (details in the workbook).

Are you prepared to plan your novel? Paperbacks of The Novel Planner Book are available on request (POD) and sent from Amazon's CreateSpace. This pocketbook of The Novel Planner is 8.5" x 11" in size. Available also in e-book-size! Kindly be aware that this worksheet is conceived as a real-world scheduler, which means that the e-book may contain some instructions that you cannot follow on your reader (such as brainstorming and the like).

However, there is also a shortcut to some FREE downloads of artwork and drawings in this handbook that allow you to reprint current pages from the text.

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