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The ultimate guide to the best writing competitions taking place right now. You can find fiction, poetry, essays or genre competitions here. The unique book focuses on both the inner self and the outer act of writing. Participation in a writing competition is one of the best ways to be recognized as a writer. Take part in the annual OnFire Books Poetry or Essay Contest.

Neon Books - The big list of British writing competitions

If it comes to getting your work recognized, there's nothing better than winning or being selected for a writing contest.... and the chances of that occurring may not be as long as you think. Each of the competitions below brings one or more prizewinners each year, as well as many honorary mention and shortlist authors.

But, to be chosen, you first have to choose a contest. This is how we present our prestigious writing contest ranking in the UK. In order to perform here, a contest must take place at least once a year and have a price that warrants the participation fees.

Could you imagine a contest we just didn't see? Distinguished for the best previously unreleased work on the subject of "Childhood" - the subject of the Annual Symposium of the Alpine Community 2018. Besides the first price, the winners and two runners-up will be honoured at the symposium in Venice.

In every cathegory there will be 1, 2 and 3 prize and the winner will be announced in an edition of the mag. Each year, different visiting jurors are purchased to choose the winner. This is an honour for unreleased or independent authors of fiction. There' s a special contest line for children's fiction. It is an internationally renowned contest that will welcome up to 2,200 words on any topic and topic.

Tales must have never been published before. Prices are 1,200 for first place, 300 for second place and 100 for third place, as well as a commemorative price for the best novelist's history that hasn't been published yet. This is one of the most important UK shortfiction contests and is an annual BBC competition.

Tales with up to 8,000 words are acceptable and can be entered by the writer or his agents. The shortlist will be rewarded with 600 in prizes. This is a prestigious yearly contest with different threads for shorts, flashy fictions and poems. In addition to the first place award, there are several additional prizes, one for Dorset authors.

A selection of histories will be presented in an Anthologie. This is an internationally renowned contest for authors, both previously and new. As well as the grand prix, all authors in the shortlist will be featured in an Anthologie edited by Tangent Books and will be awarded 100 pounds of prizes. Tales must be less than 4,000 words long.

This is a contest run by Commonwealth Writers to recognize and encourage the best new typefaces from across the Commonwealth. The best tales in total and the best tales from a particular area will be honoured. Tales must be 2,000 - 5,000 words long and previously unreleased. Several book and storyline award for writers from the UK and Ireland (formerly known as the Whitbread Book Awards).

This is one of the few British prizes open to both children's and adults' literature. A referendum will be held on the string of shorts. This is the UK's biggest pageant of poems each year and is awarded each year for the best compilation, the best first compilation and the best individual work.

Any work submitted for the award will also be included for publishing in The Forward Book Of Poetry, an annual collection. Contributions must be made public, and certain writers may not submit their own works. This contest is organised annually by the Kent & Sussex Poetry Society and features a grand total of 1,000 and several second awards.

London Magazine's yearly contests aim to identify new talents and encourage unreleased poetry and storytelling from around the globe. With this award, up to 1,000 euros will be awarded for the best novel and the best poetry entered. Tales can contain up to 4,000 words and poetry up to 50 rows, and contributions from authors from all over the globe are welcome.

Every year the contest gives out a 10,000 Euro award for the best poem and the best brief collection of the poetry entered. The program is run by Manchester Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University. The yearly award is announced all over the world. The Mogford Hotels And Restaurants Group has been sponsoring it to try to award the author of an unreleased novel that is no longer than 2,500 words and is in some way about music.

A yearly award ceremony will be held to announce the winning team. Open to all over 16 years of age, they award a top ?10,000 for the best poetry and 3,000 for the best written work. The competition is run by The Moth Magazines, with the winning entries being featured in the journal and selected for award ceremonies.

This is an annuity given annually by the Royal Society for Literature to literature, non-fiction or poems that are best suited to the city. Each prizewinner will also be presented with a paper weight watch, which they will be given at a festive evening meal. As well as the major threads of poetic and fictional genres, this contest also has a majorstream photography class that is looking for a summary and an excerpt from a longer work of fictional work.

This price is for a five-day writing course. A yearly award for the best compilation of verses released this year in the UK or Ireland. This is one of the most renowned UK literary awards. The award is managed by the Poetic Book Society and endorsed by the legacy of the famous writer TS Eliot, after whom it is called.

A yearly award of the Royal Society of Literature for the best unreleased novel of the year. The winner will be announced in Prospect and RSL Review. This award was created in memory of the author and reviewer Sir Victor Sawden Pritchett. The new award (first edition 2009) is managed by the UK literature journal Wasifiri, which publishes the winner of each of the categories.

It is open to anyone who has not yet released a full book in their selected section. Authors of young stories are invited to take part in this year' s contest. The award is 2,500 for the best feature film by a UK -based author who has not yet signed a contract.

"In order to investigate and broaden the potential of shape, the jury is looking for brief tales. "A free winning shorthistory contest including a place in an Arvon Residential Writing Course (worth about 1,000) and an on-line pub.

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