Book Writing Challenge

The Challenge of Book Writing

Write a business building book? Fast-fiction writing challenges that anyone can enter. We publish all articles in printed books and eBooks. "'NaNoWriMo: A Month To Write A Book." You are invited to participate in the year of the letter #YoW organized by @BaQ_Mag!

21st day novel challenge

I' ve mastered the challenge. Or subscribe to the mailinglist here and I will mail you a copy of the Scrivener file and the raw design of the 21-day novel destroyer: The 21-Day Novel Challenge? You think it's possible to complete a novel in 21 jours?

Not only do you have to do it, but you also have to make a complete cut during that period? I bet a lot of you would call me mad. A lot of those who believe that it is possible would argue that the resulting novel would be horrible, and would need voluminous adaptations before it saw the light of the world.

I am here to show both groups otherwise. With 5,000 words per hour of principle teaching, I am writing a 70,000 words novel and editing the resulting design exactly once. The book is then deemed finished. I' m not going to mail this book to Beta people. I' m going to submit the script to a proof-reader, correct every typo and release the book on Amazon.

Every daily I will publish a movie showing my advances, with full monitor-share. You will see my Scrivener work. You will see every part of me writing a novel so quickly and find out why this novel is a book that people like. It' fantastic to be able to compose a novel in 21 working nights, but what about the sale when I'm done?

Is my challenge novel going to be in 2,000,000th place there, or will my fans actually buy it? I bet they'll buy it because I'm writing this novel on the open air just as I do in Write to Mar. It is my aim to put the book in the Top 2,000 at Amazon and to keep it in the Top 10,000 for the first 30 working day.

That' a daring assertion, and you'll be able to see me either go through with it or drop it on my face in person. So what am I gonna write? The majority of folks say that Romanticism is where it is when you want to be a success as an writer. I' ll do it with science fiction.

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