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An excellent tool for writing magazines for creative children. I' m writing small books, mainly limited editions for friends and local shops. Also for writers who want to write children's books. Get writing out of your hand and have fun instead! Books Creator - This free application allows the author to create e-books by entering and uploading images from your computer.

Writing and creating books for children

I' m always trying to search all the garbage out there (because we all know there's a bunch of garbage out there!) to find applications that are really valuable in terms of our own quality of work. However, thanks to our Fingerprint fans, we got to know Scribble Press Deluxe, an application that you can buy on iTunes or Google for less than a cuppa.

This way one individual can try it and exchange it with two of his or her family. Writing and book design for children: Scribble Press Deluxe is aimed at 6-12 year olds and allows the user to post a story, either assisted or alone. Childrens can: fill in spaces, modify words or insert their own; make page graphics; insert photographs; insert tonnes and tonnes of labels; insert a wallpaper to each page; capture audio; insert soundtrack to each page; modify the book lid; insert pages; modify the fonts or colors; convert the book to a movie, photograph or book as if it were to be a full page document; exported to Adobe Reader.

Watch Cora play with Scribble Press Deluxe: And look at Cora's first design of I'm an Animal: Frankly, fellas, we really liked this application, the usability, the site's easiness, the look of everything - we really liked the visuals, the great number of tales to pick from, that you can fill out when you want or want to begin your own tales, that you can modify words in the tales, that you can pick up your voices, that the use of the cam was hassle; that you can use the film; we really love it;

the addition of labels was really simple and enjoyable; if you made a bug, you can modify it slightly; it was simple to store the book; the sound was great; it was really simple to append another writer to the book; if there was no label or wallpaper you wanted, you can append your own by taking a photo; it was really simple to find out everything (no big study curve!).

You can store the book as a movie; you can e-mail it to your own address. We' ve been wishing for a stickers (Cora likes penguins!); keep in contact with the good guys in Scribble Press Deluxe: GIVEAWAY: You can win three Scribble Press Deluxe files (for you and two friends!) together with a $25 Visa free creditard!

Want to earn three Scribble Press Deluxe files (for you and two friends!) along with a $25 Visa free greeting cards? The official competition regulations are valid. fyi: This entry was posted as part of a sponsorship with Fingerprint, the makers of Scribble Press Deluxe, but as always my views are my own, affected only by my parental and educational experiences and by my three great children. fyi: Some of the ones in the entry above are "affiliate links".

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