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The Android app removes all additional bells and whistles from other writing applications to avoid distractions. Indeed, such a guide could be described more precisely than a book. Scriptwriting - Wizard - Memory games. With Android Apps for learners with dyslexia/. The Blio is a free eReader app developed by KNFB, the same people who create the entertainment-assistive software.

10 top writing apps for Android smartphones

As more and more authors live in the nomadic electronic way, there is a great need for technologies that can help. Android users, here are 13 applications you should know. Writing in a professional or casual way, clarification of the writing or the meanings of a term is important and nothing to be embarrassed about.

Authors often work on more than one device, and accessing your data across all of them is vital. Drop Box gives you a smooth cloudsidexperience, the possibility to process your Wordfiles and much more. This is the ideal writing application for you if you value a minimalistic writing technique that allows you to write the basic elements such as italic, crossed out, bullet points, quotations and sizes.

Monospace is so good at what it does that it removes all the superfluous grease that other writing applications are inflated with. Because of its simplicity, this writing application is a favourite among authors. It' not afraid of what it really is, a simpler text editor.

With this straightforward text editor, you can record your own thoughts, but not much more. And you can also store and easily exchange your data with your buddies, making it the perfect tool to work with others. Which kind of Android writing application would that be if we didn't integrate Microsoft World?

Comes with Microsoft World, probably the most durable writing software on the world. You can, for example, process all Office documents, old and new, and you can even process documents that are appended to e-mails. When you need something easier than a conventional text editor, ColorNote is for you.

ColorNote's perfect feature is the way you can quickly take and colourcode your memos. When you take memos that contain confidential information, just enter a passcode on the memo to keep it safe. Easy Touch is light, easy, and you can attach your memos to certain pages on your mobile device.

Full-featured, this application allows you to take memos, organise, format and more. Evernote's best capability is the possibility to cut web pages, pictures and PDFs. It also synchronizes with your computer so you can take memos that you can use across different workstations.

When working in groups, you can easily exchange your Evernote file with your mates. IKredible is certainly not the most useful of the Android applications named. It does, however, allow you to make hand-written memos if you choose to make your memos in an old-fashioned way. This app's creators have chosen to have a distraction-free app, which means you don't have to struggle with a bulky interface to take your time.

While some like feature-rich applications, others like pure text processing programs. So if you think we might have overlooked an important Android writing application, let us know in the commentaries below. To sign up and receive our daily e-mail writing tutorials and recommendations, click here. Our subscription service gives users easy and fast check-in to our practice archive, writing classes, writing jobs and more!

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