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Many of them have a fan base that goes beyond the title they write. Cause we need more children's books with LGBT families. The PICTURE BOOK RETREAT: Painting words and writing pictures - Closed.

Department for Jewish children's authors and illustrators

Did you write or illustrate a child's playbook that you would like to have printed? Besides lectures by experts from the children's books publisher, a presentation of books and illustrations, the possibility of submitting first pages and inquiry notes, as well as personal consultation with agencies, graphic design and publication by arrangement and for a small charge are offered during the midday interval.

Find out about the lecturers at the preceding workshops for Hebrew writers and illustrators. This year' s nineteenth annual children' s books and illustration seminar was attended by the following speakers: Philomel Books (Penguin Young Readers), 2016 seminar participants and moderators: The Flower Girl Wore Celery, the first storybook on the market square about a lesbian-Jewish marriage, was written by Meryl G. Gordon.

Merylâ? "s passions are to support, promote and support life-long learning in the Jews. The Gobblings and My First Kafka, as well as three other stories and a memory, were written by Matthue Roth. He is the co-creator of BimBam and, and he was an aide to Sesame Street.

He is now a prolific Google author. Robert  Sharenow â?"s My Mother the Cheerleader début was recognized as one of the Best Book of the Year by the American Library Association, the School Library Journal and the New York Public Library. Berlin Boxing Club, his second novel, won the Sydney Taylor Book Award and was a Walden Award finale.

The Girl in the Torch, his new novel for young people, was a 2015 â" 2016 JBC Network work. She began her professional life with Dell Yearling, who released pocket books for Sydney Taylor's All-of-a-Kind Family range and Milton Meltzer's World of our Weathers.

On Bantam and Bantam Boks she released a newly formatted issue of Barbara Cohenâs Mollyâs Pilgrim and Jacobâs Rescue: This is a Hebrew family alphabet, illustration by Ron Mazellan. Currently she works as a free-lance editor and supports authors in the preparation of their scripts for submissions or self-publication. She is an assistant editor at Alfred A. Knopf for Young Readers, an impression of Random House Childrenâs School.

He works on storybooks, mid-range classes and young adults' stories. She is Assistant Editor at Grosset & Dunlap, an impressum of the Penguin Young Reader Group. Most of Renee's work is on medium-sized serials, early chapters and level people. and Hereâs Hank (chapter book co-authored by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver).

We are looking for book at the ages of 0 â" 12 years. She is co-publisher of Putnam (Penguin Random House). Katherine graduated in English from the College of William and Mary, went to the Columbia Publishing Course and has been a penguin ever since.

It is building its own catalogue of medium and young adults' fiction and illustrated textbooks. She is Director of Sales at Tanglewood Publishing, where she is responsible for all aspects of sales and promotion for topical and back-listed magazines and assists in the selection of new magazines for Tanglewoodists.

Prior to entering the firm in 2016, she worked as a children's library manager, partner and head of strategy at a non-profit children's publishing house and as head of research and developement for a non-profit association. She has concentrated in every part on bringing beautiful, varied and exciting novels to the reader who yearns for them. Liszy Mason is the advertising manager for Bloomsbury Childrenâs Schools.

Prior to that, she worked in advertising at Disney, Macmillan Childrenâs and Simon & Schuster and completed Manhattan College (located in the Bronx) with a diploma in journalism and a subsidiary subject in English. She' Rachel Pinnelas is a comic-writer. She' living, reading and writing in New York City. For many years Aileen Grossberg has worked in various library departments such as schools, synagogues and communal books.

It is a member of the Association of Judaic Libraries and other associations. He was a ileen war Mitglied des Garden State Book Award Committee, gesponsert von der Childrenâs Services Section der New Jersey Library Association, und war Vorsitzender des Association of Jewish Libraryâs Sydney Taylor Book Award Committee.

As the chairwoman of the Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award Competition, she is also a critic for the Essex County Association of School Librarians. It is a frequent contributor to two synagogues. She' s also the children's writer and bookseller for Word's Maplewood, New Jersey bookshop and the proprietor of Dream On Boks, a publishing consultancy.

Ms. Beyreuther is a member of the Association of Jews Libraries and a member of the Sydney Taylor Books Award Commitee. As such, she oversees the subscription experiences, which include monitoring the choice of books, authoring, collaborative planning, and partnering with Jews and laymen. Prior to that, she worked at 70 Faces Media, where her responsibilities included the position of managing editors, temporary excutive directors and Chief operational officers, and led in its mergers with the JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency).

She has also worked as an author, journalist, group leader and schoolteacher. dena Neusner is editor-in-chief of Behrman House and its legal notice, Apples & Honey Press. She has been a key contributor to the launch of Apples & Honey Press in 2015, a Behrman House and Gefen Publishing partner in Jerusalem.

It is interested in picture-book narratives that mirror a multi-cultural or inter-religious Jewish encounter, narratives against the background of Hanukkah or other public holiday, funny tales, narratives that provide a Judean view of common topics or topics of US civilization, modern tales in Israel, and biblical tales narrated in a new, refreshing way.

Seminar 2015 featured young reader attendees at Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Sterling Books, Bloomsbury, Kar-Ben, Behrman House and others! MARJORIOR Ingall is a Life & Religion writer and journalist for Tablet Mag. Mamaleh Knows Best, her novel on the story and realities of the stereotypes of the Jewish mother, will be released next year by Crown Publishers.

A frequent contributor to the New York Times Book Review on childrenâ?"s literature, she has published for many other periodicals and papers, such as Self (former contributor writer), Glamour (former editor contributing ), Ms., Food & Wine and the departed, defendant Sassy (where she was one of Sassyâ? "s first and second authors and book editors). She was the author/producer of the Oxygen TV net for a while, but she found that her liveliness was not suitable for a day TV work.

Her work has included consulting for Scholastic, Nickelodeon, MTV and The Exploratorium Museum, New Line Pictures and others. She is Assistant Editor at Grosset & Dunlap, an impressum of the Penguin Young Reader Group. Most of Renee's work is on medium-sized serials, early chapters and level people. and Hereâs Hank (chapter book co-authored by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver).

We are looking for booksellers aged 0-12 years. dena Neusner is executive editor at Behrman House and his new masthead, Apples & Honey Press. She has been a key contributor to the launch of Apples & Honey Press, a relationship between Behrman House and Gefen Publishing in Jerusalem that focuses on living, value-based children's work.

Prior to that, she worked for 15 years for the children's publisher, Puffin and Golden Boks, Scholastic and Parachute Publishers. Denna devotes a great deal of herself to children's literature for âprofessional developmentâ, but she likes them too much to call it work. The soon-to-be published illustrated textbook Ida, Always (Atheneum, 2016) by Caron Levis; Stuck with the Blooz (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) was voted one of Bankstreet College's best children's textbooks.

Shorts for young people and grown-ups have been featured in Best America Non-required Reading, Fence Magazine, The New Guard Review, and by Persea Books and W. W. Norton. Suzman is a publishing house at Kar-Ben Publishing, a department of the children's publishing house Lerner Publishing Group in Minneapolis.

This year Kar-Ben celebrates its 40-year jubilee and releases educational literature for youngsters, both literature and non-fiction for pre-schoolers, among them religious literature, lifecycle histories, Bible histories, folk and folk fairy-tale, biographical images, histories of US and Judaic histories, Israel, the Holocaust and other Judaic themes. Kar-Ben is particularly looking for histories that mirror the wealth y cultures of todayâ??s Jews.

An education advisor at PJ Library®, Vivian Newman works to keep PJ Libraryâ??s book and material production in close touch with the fundamentals of childrenâ??s education and advancement. She is a member of the PJâs Book Selection Committee. It also helps to develop a curriculum and material for involvement in the community that promotes a more in-depth study of the PJ Library's teachings and teachings.

Ellaâs Reise nach Israel (Kar Ben, 2011) and Tikkun Olam Ted (Kar Ben, 2013). She is an editorial secretary at Putnam (Penguin Random House). Having graduated in English from the College of William and Mary, Katherine took the Columbia Publishing Course and has enjoyed working on illustrated textbooks, young adults' stories and everything in between.

A student in the publishers business, Joshua Redlich did an internship at Lippincott Massie McQuilkin Literary Agents, where he analysed scripts and handled all unasked requests; Publishers Weekly, where he issued and written responses to recently released works; and The Overlook Press, where he helped with advertising promotions for various works of adults' and children's literature.

Today he works as Marketing & Publicity Coordinator at Sterling Publishing, where he oversees a broad variety of publications, among them handicraft textbooks, couchtable textbooks and children's photoebooks. In addition, he is a consultant for the Fantasy Book Critic blogs, the Social Chair for the Young to Publishing Group (YPG) and a member of the Publishers Publicity Association (PPA) board.

LINEETTE Kim est une New York City Transplantation von der Northern California Working School & Library Marketing bei Bloomsbury Childrenâs Buch. Briggs is Penguin Random House associate editorial and publisher of Earnest Magazine. A graduate of King's College, she has worked with Penguin since then.

Warmflash Rosenbaum is the writer of A Grandma Like Yours and Meg Goldberg on Parade, an upcoming children's novel about a young woman dreaming of directing the Israel Day Parade on Fifth Avenue. Among her pictorial works are Talia and the Rude Vegetables, Grandma Rose's Magic, The Mitzvah Magician, Talia and the Very YUM!

She is the writer of many successful and award-winning children's literature such as The Little Red Hen and the Passah Matzah and The Very Crowded Sukkah, is a New York-based children's writer and writer at Sesame Workshop. There were the following speakers at the fifteenth Annual Jewish Children's Book Writers & Illustrators' Seminar, which took place at the Center for Judaic History:

Mattue Roth, writer of Never Mind the Goldbergs, Yom Kippur a Go-Go and the "eerie and imaginative" (The New Yorker) storybook My First Kafka. Kar-Ben Publishing, a business unit of the Lerner Publishing Group.

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