Book Writer and Publisher

Author and Publisher

""It's a pipe dream for a publisher to notice you," they say. This writer had this experience: " I called my publisher with a book and told him it was the bestseller list and he said: This can't be. Allowance for royalties is a percentage of sales for a particular book. The publication of this first book can be the fulfilment of a life's dream for older authors.

How does a publishers differ from an authors?

Blackwell Publishers in the latter part of the 1990' s, in a course on timing managment, I overheard a great Blackwell Publishers speech say: "If you want to spend your free day, you need to know what your goal is, what you're doing. We are increasing the value of copyrights in publishing." Wish I could recall his name -- if he comes forward, I'll be happy to work on it (it was at a Book Builders of Boston seminar).

If you are in a country that respects the laws of the world, copyrights are in effect as soon as you do something; submitting a work to the U.S. Copyright Bureau, in parallel with access to this vast data base, gives you more influence in the courts if someone tries to take your work. However, your copyrights are not really much until what you have produced is seen as precious, and that is what publishing houses are working on.

As more and more individuals see and like your work by "voting" with their own funds, your copyrights become more precious. In this way writers produce contents and publishing houses implement them in a way that makes them more precious to more persons, i.e. they specialise in placing the work in a suitable "container" that can be sent or published to the general audience.

On behalf of its creators, a publishing house operates a publishing and sales organisation that is tailored to its audience/customer group. This increases the value of what the writer is producing. The resource contributors can be editors, and editors can be contributors, i.e. commission editors to create works for which the editor does not have to license fees and which he fully has.

At the beginning of the machine, the writers were editors in collaboration with the machine owners. With the expansion of digital media technologies and sales channels, which became increasingly costly and cumbersome for writers, the result was a range of publications that benefited from the management of the demands for editorial service. Now, that we can publicize ourselves in digital form with easy-to-learn software and software solutions, writers can become editors again.

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