Book Websites

Books Websites

The PaperBack Swap is a community hub for trading paperbacks, hardcovers, audiobooks and textbooks. up to 8 websites for book lovers By this point, everyone has listened to LibraryThing, the most favorite community cataloguing site on-line, and maybe even from Amazon's own shelfari, but here are a few sites for book enthusiasts that you may not have heard: The Blippr is a website where you can post brief book, movie, game, application and so on.

Connecting your profile to many other community sites such as Twitter and Facebook where you can resume your calls. Book Cover Archive is a library of over 1,000 book cover books that can be categorised and searched by artists, writers, designers, artists, and more. Viewers can comment on and suggest cover artwork.

BooksJetty is a socially catalogable application that lets you create a bookcase with items you own or want and then simply click to find them in your own personal collection. BooksGlutton is a fellowship where you can book and group.

They can comment on a book and publish their comment for discussion or keep it personal. They can even up-load their own textbooks. The Gurulib is a philanthropic cataloguing programme that allows members to organise their book, film, musical, games and softwares collection. Objects can be lent and members can follow rented tracks.

Through this website for the purpose of cataloguing society, members can catalogue films, TV shows, videos and DVD's and listen to them. Users can borrow their articles, browse and download their catalogues and generate favorites that can be commented by others. WellReads is a durable online community cataloguing site where members can make listings, review, group, quiz question about a title, and chat in a forum.

The PaperBack Swap is a social network for the paperback, hardcover, audiobook and textbook trade. It is easy for members to send a book by post, as the page contains accurate shipping tags that can be hard-copyted. As soon as a book has been sent, you can order it yourself from the caches of over 3 million available tracks.

I' m sure there are many more great book pages, please include your proposals in the commentaries!

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