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Being an Android user, I had to long for this app for months before it was finally available for my device! Book lover, Litsy's about to become your new BFF. Wellreads is the best place to share your book reviews, learn about new books, keep up to date with your favorite authors, and track all the books you've read in your life. Just keep a list of the books you have read, the books you are reading, and the books you want to read. I' d like to follow the books I read and own in one place.

Read 5 Book Apps and Tracker for people who enjoy literature.

The book application article is funded by Sponsor Playski. It' handles everything - e-books, audio books, audio books, music, films, TV shows and gaming - and gives you unrestricted entry to billable million tracks for a per-mil. Allows you to play an infinite number of audio books and e-books - without limitations, without the need for any loan system - the services are available through any web browser and Playster's Android and iPhone app on practically any mobile phone.

You can also store all your favourites on the go in off-line modus if you don't have Wi-Fi at all. LITSSY has a neat, instagram-like book style for book enthusiasts to easily exchange pictures of the titles they're in. One of the best book applications I have found to track my reading, is definitely the one I want to be able to read and see what my buddies are currently reading. What is this?

Whilst this is not a free read application, a season ticket might be worthwhile if you are the oblivious readers who don't recall bringing a book with you everywhere. With a Scribd membership you have easy and convenient mobile contact with tens of thousand of books, audio guides and journals if you don't have a book to use.

Have you ever looked at your bookshelf and wanted a more organised way of dealing with the titles you own? Now, Libib is the answer to your problems: an easy to search data base (including barcode scanner!) allows you to catalog your textbooks, with room for personal book burbs, tag and notices.

Administer your libraries from your portable devices and you can also import your catalog to make an easier backup! Twitter and Facebook get old sometimes; if you're getting tired, why not try classical music? The book app gives you biting excerpts from classical titles every day, which can be viewed in 20 mins. to meet a full calender.

One of the reasons for this is because I often believe that classical textbooks are somewhat daunting and this measurement application transforms them to be more handy. Which are your favourite book applications? Do you like audio-visuals?

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