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They discovered that the PR and book marketing efforts needed to make their books a success were the same. Unlike printed books, digital books are subject to VAT. You may feel like your selection list never ends because there are over a million different books to choose from. It is an ancient saying that we should never judge a book by its cover. In a new translation of the Passion Book, author Gendun Chopel reveals his conviction that sexual pleasure could also be a path to enlightenment.

Life of Renee Shafransky

As Nora discovered her man, Hugh, she swore to another lady to begin her afresh and not to let herself be pulled down by the pains in her past. After three years she works as a paper writer in a small city and tries to work anew. Nora's grief and rage returns to her when her man and her current mother move to the same city.

Nora begins to challenge her mind and personality when her ex-husband and his new wifes are found in her house to make Nora look like the slayer. She begins to sleepwalk again, a behavior she hasn't shown since she was a child, and she tries to keep it a secret because she knows it will raise too many issues.

Nora can't even begin to ask. She is a person with whom we can all identify, someone with pain in her own hearts, trying to begin afresh despite the opportunities she faces. Their rage at their ex-husband and new wives is perfectly comprehensible, and indeed these figures are so abhorrent that I didn't lose any of my loved ones when they were killed.

There are many side roles to this novel, so it's hard to find out who the killer is until he's actually discovered (I've only discovered it myself a few pages before Shafranksy!), which adds to the story's hooking-stitch. If the killer is uncovered, the whole of history will continue to attract and retain your full concentration until a definitive, just end is reached.

This small city, side roles are abundant, and they are difficult to pursue (Al, Mac, Sinead, Kelly, etc.). While this is probably done to make more selection to the "mystery" characteristics, it can sometimes be awesome and upsetting. Shafransky's first novel is both inventive and enjoyable, with a powerful personality progression and a scrolling, hooky storyline.

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