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Template for page download

Then click on and select "Download copy". Write a book" digital guide. I' ve created iWork Pages for my book "How to Start a Business: Sites, from business cards and posters to brochures and books. Some steps may be unnecessary depending on your book - e.g.

if your book does not contain any pictures.

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Getting a great eBook in 48H ("Templates") | Issue 04

You' ve probably already known it, but let me say it again: upgrading your site is a great way to add value to a user's e-mail account. Promising a monthly newsletters may be enough to get faithful supporters to subscribe to your e-mail lists, but a useful addition to making their lives easy or helping them grow is how to turn an occasional readers into subscribers.

Clay Collins, co-founder of LeadPages, found that advertising for updated contents at the end of LeadPages blogs was the most important driver for the growth of her e-mail lists and one of the key factors why her business has expanded so rapidly. You can make many kinds of BIOPlug-in ( "Content Upgrades" guide), but one of the most common is a PDF eBook.

Best of all, to make an e-book as an attraction for you? Here your archives of past blogs come into the game. By compiling and reusing articles you have already posted, you can easily generate an e-book on a specific subject. In four easy stages, you can easily build an e-book that you can give away to your subscribers:

Select five blogs that address different issues of the same subject. Organize them in a logic order so that they take the readers on a trip through theming. Generate a Portable Document Format (PDF) with the contents. Nearly immediate eBook. We are proposing five articles because your eBook does not have to be long, in fact it is probably better if it is not.

Up in his posting oncontent, Pat Flynn has this to say about having several times shorter eBooks available rather than a long one you are promoting site far: In this way you get specifically with your subject and bid it for download on related articles. Precisely because the contents already exist on your blogs, it does not mean that there is no value to deliver it also in an eBook.

You can not only attach value and insight into the introductory and reasoning you will be writing for your e-book, but there is also a great value in contextualizing information for the readers. Writings that are well done are great as independent contents, but presenting them together with other contributions on the same subject can expand the contexts and tell many pages of the storyline in a practical tell.

You take a giant leap from the research and study processes for your readership by placing the contributions in a "recommended order of reading" and giving them for storage and referencing. So when we released this new diary in January, we were told by our readership that they wanted a PDF download of the article so they could later access the information or view it on their iPad or tray.

Therefore you can now see the'Download PDF' for each of our Tradecraft editions! Do not be put off by the thought of displaying an eBook if it seems discouraging to you. The Beacon is a web-based application designed to help you build eBooks from your blogs.

You can even use WordPress or Hubspot to automate the process of importing your post. If not, it is simple enough to copy and past the contents. It' up to you how much trouble you want to invest, but it's definitely a good idea to take the initiative and make a few adjustments to really personalize the look of your PDF eBook.

The Beacon makes it easier for you, because if you make changes in the preference boxes, such as the default colour, it will be updated throughout the book, making it simple to keep your theme consistently. And if you have a Mac computer, it's likely that you already have Pages already up and running (and if not, you can get it from the App Store).

Page is a text editor like Microsoft World, but it is much better to use. If you are creating a new file, you can begin with the "digital book" template in the "Miscellaneous" section, or you can download the eBook template that we have specifically designed for Tradecraft users to use as a base.

As with the Beacon topics, you will want to make some adjustments to adapt your website to your own look and feel. Whereas you need to do much more with the page layouts by copy ing/pasting your blogs and text styles, you can (and should) use the stylesheets.

If you want to adjust the styles, simply make the changes and click the "Update" tab, and this changes will be applied to all other headings in your book. When you want to get started with InDesign, we've designed an eBook template that you can use so you don't get started with a page that is empty.

As with Pages, you need to copy and past your contents by hand, and you should use InDesign' sales formats to keep your text layout consistent throughout the entire e-book. Consistence is the buzzword to make your e-book look professionally and easily readable. Just because you are not a designer, it does not mean that you should not be aware of these draft particulars that make your e-book readings a great experi [ Read

Whilst you can develop a little imagination in the typeface you use for your titles and headlines, the typeface you select for the frame of your eBook should be primarily readable. Adhere to simpler typefaces for your primary purpose instead. You' ll be able to download some great open code typefaces from the Google type collection that you can use in your designs for free.

In order to provide your subscriber with a good reading-enjoyment, you want to make sure that the text in your e-book is optimized for being read. This would help the readership by giving the eyes a uniform lefthand (vertical) border to which they could revert to at the end of any (horizontal) line. You can keep your readership busy by inserting images into your e-book.

The addition of pictures makes a reader's eye intermittent, and keep in mind the book is still completely digitized, so no need to spend a lot of money when you choose to include a half page picture in some of your sections! Same thing goes for covers or citation pages - the way you view your contents from time to time keeps your e-book from becoming a schoolbook and makes it an appealing pub.

. Just as a website has navigation to make it easy to find your way around, you should help your readers control your e-book too. When you have defined the e-book production chain, you can make several different types of leaden magnet available on your website. You' ll add many new members to your e-mail lists in no time.

Now the only questions is, what will be the theme for your first eBook give away? You can download this edition of Tradecraft in PDF format to view and refer to at your own time.

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