Book Template for pages

Template for pages

Select a book template: From Pages on your Mac, choose File menu > New. From the Document Manager in Pages on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or, tap . Complimentary Apple iWork Pages templates for the Mac include easily customizable layouts with photos and graphics. Scrivener is a great way to write, but I wouldn't use it to make a book.

Use of our script template in Apple Pages - Self-Publishing Frequently Asked Questions | Book Printing Frequently Asked Questions

You can open our Microsoft Word (.doc) script template in Apple Pages, but since many of the instructions are Microsoft Word specifically, you will not find the same terms in Pages. We have put together this help area so that you can successfully use the Word document in Pages.

All dimensions in this item use our 6x9 US Trade Template - you will want to adapt the dimensions to the requirements of your specific template). First open the template document (.doc) in Apple Pages. Write down the page sizes and borders on all four sides.

There may be a message about a lack of fonts that can be ignored because it just means that your system does not have the fonts used to generate the Word-documents. Once you have noted the dimensions - in this case for a US trade paper that would be 6 "x9" page sizes, .31" upper and lower margin, .88" right and right margin, choose File>Page Setup.

From the pop-up menu that opens, choose "Manage user-defined sizes", then "Other" from this drop-down menu. Enter your page sizes and the dimensions of the margins in the following window: It is a good idea to click the "+" at this point to make a user-defined bleed fileize ("name the bleed size") and then click OK.

This can then be applied to your script, but under File>Page Setup, then Managing User Defined Sizes - you will see your new user-defined sizes in a drop-down menu, which you can then use on your script. After you change the page format, make sure that your page is formatted correctly.

7 page empty brochure template.

7 page empty brochure template. There are seven pages in this magazine, one of which contains a guide for an empty inner binding and pre-formatted pages for the correct book. The template is an answer to the query for a multi-page template that was generated in Pages. I' m answering the question for a multi-page brochure template in pages from front to back.

Thanks, that's a great template.

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