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I am looking for a good website with a one-page summary of books. The Wikipedia is good if the book has its own page, but not many. This book covers the following topics: . The Children's Book Review is the children's, parents, publisher, teacher and author, illustrator, source for children's book reviews on . We have provided a summary in other languages where available.

Best-selling website for book summaries: B├╝cher

Don't publish superficial contents. Contributions must be book-related, information and discussion-oriented. Advertising mail, commentaries & flair, press releases, individual recommendations including'Should I read....','What kind of book is it', selling addresses, pirating, plagiarism, inferior book listings, unlabelled sidebars (instructions for sidebars with sidebars for sidebars ), sensational news, newscasts, little work.

In addition, we promote discussions about book development and have a system of atmosphere. There are no credentials available. Inquire in our weekly referral thread, our Recommended Reading or What to Look or Submit to /r/suggestmeabook. If you have a question, please let us know any comments that do not comply with the regulations and keep in mind that modifications have the last word.

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This is the best site on the web if you're looking for free book sums. By 2016, I had written over 365 book sums. Today I add a new book review every time. So if you find my resumes useful, please sign up for my monthly e-mail below: These are the book abstracts on the following topics:

All book abstracts below can be searched in alphabetical order. Per Tip: Use Ctrl+F (or Cmd+F on a Mac) and type in the desired song to quickly skip around this page. I get more book reviews every wk.

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1 ) We are writing book review (without spoilers), 2) We are recapitulating literature (not without spoilers!), and 3) We are talking about literature and theory, collecting fans' artwork and book citations. All of our products are loved, especially a good one! You' ll be loving our recapitulations when the next book appears in your favourite show.

Check the book summary of the preceding ones to freshen up your memories. So if you want to send us book summaries, please let us know! Please also refer to our book review for serials to get advice on what to look for next and what we thought about this book. Reforms are fast and to the point....we like to call them rapid reversals.

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