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Booksummary Sites

An excerpts from various books on Shane Parrish's blog. You can find author interviews, book reviews and lively book commentaries here. Summary pages known as the Blue Book), published by Landcom, which is the final resource for the. Life-long learners benefit every time they read a summary. Browse the best book summary pages such as Sparknotes online.

Twelve Best Book Summaries 2018

Costs the most valuable book ever to buy, $30.8 million and advise who ever has - Bill Gates. Posted by Leonardo Da Vinci, Codex Leicester is a compilation of Da Vinci's scholarly works on astronomy, the characteristics of waters, cliffs and geological formations. This 72-page book was published between 1506 and 1510 and gives a clear insight into da Vinci's spirit, according to an 2015 Business Insider report.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is also known as a book worm, and certainly all book enthusiasts out there would testify to the fact that the scent of the pages of an old book - which is by the way referred to as "bibliosmy" - or just the thought of carrying a few, is so upbeat.

In the midst of the increasing appeal of e-books and their accessibility on various operating systems such as smart phones and trays, printed publications are still in the forefront. A recent study by Pew Research found that 67% of grown-ups have been reading a printed book in the last 12 month.

You say that there is no better super food for the mind than a book, because even for 30 mins for a days read one will improve your overall well being, show research. Read a feel-good book at breakfasts or leafing through your favourite poetic collections over a cup of tea or before bed will take all the physical strain off you.

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Abstracts of accounts: Immediate retrieval of professional-quality abstracts - here. Every single workingday many people search for " book reviews " on-line. There are three major groups of viewfinders: businessmen, college and interest groups. Sort the pages below in order of importance (from top to bottom) according to the ranking of that they were given on the date I conducted the research.

Reviews by pros of more than 5,000 of the top managment and biz book. Keep up to date and get to know the best accounts ever made. Soondview Executive Book Reviews..... There are so many great ledgers. Find out more with Soundview Executive Book summaries! Use your FMplayer to hear the abstracts of today's top businessbooks!

You can always access it from your own on-line archive. Receive free book reviews for managers and business owners who are too preoccupied to study many titles but need to be kept up to date with the latest news..... Claiming to be the best individual research resource available on-line, this website keeps an archive of more than 25,000 research papers on tens of thousand topics, many of which are book sums. Abstracts and Student Advisors..... Historically, your family used Cliff Note's book reviews to help them better understanding sophisticated music. Now has over 450 free book entries on the web..... An extensive guidebook for free book abstracts, references and student booklets for over 1600 titles..... Browse book sums.

To browse for a particular book summary, fill in one of these fields:. Offers a better comprehension of classical and modern literature profiles, metaphor analyses, topic analyses and biographies of authors. A top 50 textbooks that every trainee nurse should study on a multitude of subjects related to healthcare and wellbeing.

5,000 summaries of new textbooks to give the readers an insight into their key contents.

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