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Each Harry Potter book summarized in one sentence - What is your fatal error? So, after doing some online research, I found this website called SparkNotes. Every day, many people search online for "book summaries". Summaries, reviews & webinars of the best books. E-learning: for your entire company.

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Brief explanations allow you to comprehend the most important thoughts from a book in just 15min. Get more than 2,500 tracks for free and get invaluable inspiration and advice when you need it. Don't be worried, if you quit within the probation time, nothing will be billed to you. At the end of this test phase, your account is restricted to one pre-selected song per days.

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There are 7 alternative options to Spark Notes & CliffsNotes for book summaries

Summers are coming to an end and it is safe to go back to college and pursue your schooling. And for those who are not literary enthusiasts, this means that feared literary jobs are on the way, with trivia, testing and book reviews on every nook and cranny. Websites such as Spark Notes and CliffsNotes are often celebrated as life savers for literacy classroom instruction and offer fast, easy-to-read student guidance and summaries of textbooks that pupils may not have used.

However, these sites are not only suitable for rotten tramps, as they provide great text comprehension and analysis features. When they don't work on the book you are currently viewing, all hopes are not dashed. View these seven great options to Spark Note & CliffsNotes. PinkMonkey is a great student resources with over 460 free tutorials, book annotations and chapters summaries.

In addition to comprehensive summaries, which contain information for further explanations, things such as core Literary items, overall analysis and academic issues are also provided, as with Spark Note. The Shmoop site is one of the best places on the Internet to learn not only about the world of books but also about other scholastic subjects such as US historical, poetic, civic, biographical and even contemporary bestselling.

This website offers a short "soon" intro to textbooks and detailed summaries. Further characteristics are the exploration of topics, quotations, personalities and literature as well as action and research issues. Shmoop says most of his authors are PhD students from top-major colleges, so everything you find on Spark Notes or CliffsNotes is almost everything.

When you find the book you are looking for on JiffyNotes, it is definitely something for you. Focusing on literature research, the site's research guide includes summaries of sections and other one-off pages such as "Points to Ponder" and "Did You Know? The book provides a well-written synopsis and review for the book sections, with other useful supplements such as a vocabulary of words, a shortlist of characters and important topics.

They can even convince themselves of the quality of the books. GradSaver offers quiz questions to evaluate your book and hopefully help you get ready for the business of teaching. BooksRags has an extensive library of free summaries and student books. In addition to summaries of chapters, the page includes author/context, plot summaries, main figures, objects/locations and quotations.

The summaries also follow and analyse important issues surrounding the book. This website goes right to the point and offers complete summaries of chapters and interpretation of topical titles, without any of the extra functions that are customary elsewhere. Bookwolf's references are still worth it if you find the desired work.

With just over 300 summaries, WikiSummaries has a library of mostly classical textbooks and fiction. Five free websites to capture the imitators: Consumers should also be sure to review these easy-to-use online study resources - websites for students:

This is a tool that, in combination with things like SparkNotes and Cliffsnotes, can make a big contribution to improving these notes. Are you using these web pages for your orders or do you still favour pages like Spark Notes or Cliff Notes?

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