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Miron Lior's popular, award-winning shelf design is amazing because the holder looks invisible behind the book. Teak-look solid wood bookcase. Basics of book design for new and less new authors. Useful tips for selecting fonts, headers, footers and margins to make booking a pleasure. In an interview with Hamish McKenzie, Wendy Dennis finds out what impact his book Pitch had on his business.

Buchcover Design - In 4 easy stages at the right time

The design of book covers is an important part of any publisher's processes (whether self-published or traditional). However good the contents of the book or eBook are, if it is not displayed properly so that it reaches the right reader, they are more likely to turn the page than to buy your work.

You can never find out how good your letter is if the front page prevents them from trying it. With most bookstores now selling on-line, the browser makes quick choices about whether to click on an artwork the scale of a phonate. You have to make your book covers work tougher than ever to draw your reader in.

That' s even more tricky for novice writers or relatively unfamiliar writers who can't resort to great market awareness - J.K. Rowling could make a book with a terrible front page and the whole wide globe would buy it - unfamiliar writers don't have that kind of luxurious. One of the good things to know is that if you design your book covers properly, it is an easier way to keep your heads and shap tall.

Specialist publishing houses know that a book design can make or crack a book, and they spend enormous sums to make it just right. Indeed, if you have a book that hasn't been selling as well as you' d expect, it is often resheathed (i.e. released with a new cover) to increase it.

When you have a book or eBook that isn't sold as well as you might expect, it may be because your book design leaves you in the lurch. Fortunately, changing the book jacket is very simple with eBooks and print-on-demand issues. For more information, please register for a free 1:1 design consulting at the bottom of this page.

The book covers are an integrated part of your auctions. Writings, colors and style you use on your book covers are also used throughout your entire website, e-mail footers, visiting card, corporate identity, corporate identity, etc.

They need to develop a design that works well on all these workstations. Consider what kind of persona you want to have as an writer; your design should mirror this. When you have other ledgers in the library, you may want to think about certain items in the book jacket (e.g. the typeface that contains your name) that can work across them.

We have a talented design staff who know how to turn an original book design into a commercial success. Indeed, we recently won the Gold Star Design Cards in the month's TheBookDesigner. and were nominated for the SPFBO (Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off) covers competition.

Buchcover design is a marketplace - there are many graphics artists who can do good art work, but doing something that will appeal to the right reader, sit well among the competitors, work well in your thumbsize, work across your entire maker label and, most important of all, turn into a salesperson is a very specialized asset.

For years our competent design teams have perfected their abilities for self-publishing writers as well as for large specialist publications. You are passionately interested in creating your design perfectly. Research is the first step in our design processes. Encouraging writers to look through all the diagrams they would like to appear in, complete with all subdiagrams, and take a good look at the design of the good-covering.

Think about which typefaces you like and why - which typefaces you like, which titles you would rather buy because of the design of the album. So if there are any that you like, copy the Amazon shortcut so you can show your creator later.

Design book covers prizes. See what the creators produce at the very top of their games. Often the award-winning drafts are amazingly easy, yet absolutely captivating. Academy of British Covers Design (ABCD) (annual award) and (monthly awards). The SPFBO Book Designation can also be a special distinction for your category, such as the SPFBO Book Designation for Phantasy Covers.

First enter "book design " in the top part of the browser to get good design samples in all the different catagories. Then enter your category, e.g. `Crimi-Cover-Design' - this brings a choice of thriller artwork that really make folks adore. What is great about it is that it is not time-specific; you can see older classical design next to fashion.

Picture your book on the shelf, what does it have to be like to attract attention? Consider which of the best design you have seen and why, and which style is right for your book. Meanwhile, you should have a better understanding of what kind of design you want to try out for your own book.

Next step is to get that on a briefing that your designers can work through. But if you're not able to get what you want across well enough, or if you give them a poor collaboration plan, you won't end up with a commercial succeed.

While you could ask the world's best designers to create a thriller with a can of coffee in the front, it probably won't be selling as many as if you'd said you wanted something that fits the style and key parts of your storyline.

The better your briefing, the more likely it is that your designers will do it right the first tim. Ensure your designers understand who your book is meant for and in which Amazon diagram it should appear. They can have several totally different notions - that's okay - give them all to your designers, and they can help you figure out which one is the most strong.

It is best not to be too inflexible and to be guided by the experiences and knowledge of the designers. Maybe you have certain images (photos/sketches) you'd like to integrate into your coat design - give them to your designers, but give them the creativity to design and enhance them as they see fit. It' s up to you.

Alline Waites came to us with a very funny book about a grouchy old man, who after an accidental meeting with an ex-girlfriend decided for a new one. There is the author's first outline on the lefthand side and the most emulated artwork on the right.

Our design ers use their briefing and their own creative skills to create some coarse mock-ups of various bookcovers. It is a development phase in which creators explore the idea. If your creator provides your coarse mock-ups, you should of course pay attention to your abdominal response, but don't return to your creator too quickly.

The draft provided by the writer was not of sufficient qualitiy for our creators, but it made them think in the right direction. You also tried to have an ash tray either on the keyboard or as an independent item, and of course his cat-like accompanist also needed a celebrity place on the doily.

With our designers' input, you can begin to promote and publish your work before it is released. As for CASE STUDY: The writer favored the warmness of the yellow/gold sleeve and chose that she didn't like the keyboard as much as she thought.

It' s really impressive and works very well, both as an eBook thumnail and on the pocketbooks. Would you like free, professional book design consulting for your next book/eBook or if you want to give new lease of fancy to an already released book/eBook, please book in for a 1:1 design consulting.

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