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Fault evaluation book. "The Life Under Study is the history of us, of those who try to understand our life and the way we do it. It' a set of tales, toll stickers that express the very realistic experience and individual dilemmas that humans experience. Investigated Life is the history of us, of those who try to understand our life and the way we do it.

It' a set of tales, toll stickers that express the very realistic feelings and dilemmas that humans have. On The Examined Life, he concentrates over 50,000 long sessions of medical conversation into a compilation of case studies that are all intended to shed some of that human experi¬ence.

Every one of the thirty-one case stories is formed like a brief history, but despite the fact that they are written like a myth, these are the stories of daily, quite normal lives, presented with complete truthfulness, with only different titles. Describing the most basic aspects of people' s experience, speaking, hearing and comprehension, The Examined Live is a book that is astonishingly simple to use.

The fact that every tale is an intimate representation of a true person, as I have seen it, the "characters" were very realistic. It was a feeling to sit with them in the room and listen to Grosz in support. Unnecessary to mention that this book for me entailed many "a-ha" situations in which I saw insights into Grosz' reports about his clients, and thanks to his ingenious retelling I could also notice my own feeling of dissolution in the course of the (perfectly bite-sized) chapter.

It not only shows the changes that can result from working on one's own history, but also that the force is often to accept the way in which we cannot do it. The Examined Life pages also reveal not only the strength but also the weakness of the job.

Investigated Living is a gripping and sensitive reading that fascinates me as much as it does a good enigma and lets me reflect and reflect in peace on my own story between the sections. It is a must for anyone interested in the personal experiences and for anyone who has experienced the turbulence of everyday living.

It is a book that will reminds you that we all have "things" going on and that most of our complications are totally invisible. It' a book about changes, it' a book about the world.

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