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Usually the first paragraph contains the author and the title again, so your readers don't have to look it up to find this information. They should also give a very brief overview of the content of the book, the purpose or target group of the book and your reaction and evaluation. They should write the review first and then come up with the title. Each week new book titles are added. And Tullet breaks the fourth wall in this fantastic book.

Reviews by title | Center for Literary Publishing

Sonnet 88 by Clark Coolidge, Fence Modern Poets (2012) 88 pages. This is a joint book by Karla Kelsey, Omnidawn (2014) 104 pages. This is a dark dream box of a different kind by Alfred Starr Hamilton, The Song Cave (2013) 232 pages. Forgotten Colleen Lookingbill, Lyric & Press (2011) 64 pages. From Mark Irwin, New Issues Poetry & Prose (2017) 90pp.

Eine Buße von CJ Evans, New Editions Poesie & Prosa (2012) 78 pages. Suzanne Buffam's cushion book, Canarium Blocks (2016) 104 pages. An Andrew Wessels dictionary in turkey, 1913 Press (2017) 94 pages. Ahsahta Press (2016) 128 pages after we all of Allison Cobb passed away. Aka by Elizabeth Robinson, Apogee Press (2009) 72 pages.

Amerikanischer Zorn von H. L. Hix, Etruscan Press (2016) 215 pages. A Ecology of Elsewhere by Sandra Meek, Persea Book (2016) 120 pages. Countermeasure by Corey Van Landingham, The Ohio State University Press (2013) 63 pages. Ice Approach von Elizabeth Bradfield, Persea Boks (2010) 112 Seiten. Archeophonic by Peter Gizzi, Wesleyan University Press (2016) 108 pages.

Armour, Amour by Amy Pence, Ninebark Press (2012) 101 pages. Assumption theorie by Christopher Bolin, University of Iowa Press (2013) 86 pages. Hardly written by Alice Fulton, W.W. Norton (2015) 112 pages. Cause I Am the Shop I Want to Be the Sea von Renée Ashley, Subito Press (2013) 1976pp. Bestiarium by Donika Kelly, Graywolf Press (2016) 80 pages.

Ahsahta Press (2014) 96 pages of Beyond the Chainlink by Rusty Morrison. 4 32 Seiten, Vier Jahrhunderte African American Nature Poetry von Camille T. Dungy, Hrsg, University of Georgia Press (2009) 432 Seiten. Recent and selected poems, 1997-2015 by Bruce Bond, LSU Press (2017) 226 pages. 80-page Bledsoe by William Wright, Texas Review Press (2011).

Situated on the sea by Matvei Yankelevich, Octopus Books (2010) 80 pages. A 88-page dans l'Afterweather von Jennifer Elise Foerster, The University of Arizona Press (2018) 88 Seiten. Douglas Kearney's Buck Studies, Fence Books (2016) 88 pages. Burn-lyrics by Benjamin Landry, Spuyten Duyvil Press (2016) 102 pages. Calendar by Lauren Halderman, Rettungspresse (2014) 88 pages.

Brutal Century sweep by Zach Savich, Black Ocean (2013) 125pp. Some magical actions of Alice Notley, Penguin (2016) 161pp. Chinoiseries by Karen Rigby, Ahsahta Press (2012) 72 pages. Cocky's Joy by Michael Farrell, Giramondo Press (2015) 96 pages. Alicia Cohen, Verge Books (2015) 107 pages. Cold Pastoral by Rebecca Dunham, Milkweed Editions (2017) 80 pages.

Accompanying grasses by Brian Teare, Omnidawn (2013) 113pp. Comendium by Kristina Marie Darling, Cow Heavy Blocks (2011) 55 pages. An opulent compilation of seasonal recipes, culinary poetry and literary fare by Myra Kornfeld and Stephen Massimilla, Tupelo Press (2016) 500 pages. The Cyclorama by Daneen Wardrop, Fordham University Press (2015) 82 pages. Dark-green by Emily Hunt, The Song Cave (2015) 80 pages.

Preferred by Morani Kornberg-Weiss, BlazeVox (2013) 115pp. Debt & Education by Lynn Xu, Omnidawn (2013) 95pp. 80-page de la Divinity School von Alicia Jo Rabins, American Poetry Review (2015) 80 Seiten. Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open-journal : Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open-journal : 2015 : Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open-journal : Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open-journal : 2015 : Press : Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open-journal : Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open-journal : 2015 : Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open-journal : Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open Peter Balakian, beide : University of Chicago Press (2015) Open-journal : 2015 : Press : magazine : O) Death by Duane Esposito and Ralph Nazareth, Yuganta Press (2018) 69 pages.

Wave Books (2014) by C.A. Conrad, (Soma)tics for the Future Wilderness 160 pages. Riddle and Light by David Mutschlecner, Ahsahta Press (2012) 96 pages. Ethel Rackin's Abend, Möbelpresse (2017) 36 pages. Oracles by Brandon Shimoda, Letter Machine Edition (2015) 148 pages. Extracts from a secret prophecy by Joanna Klink, Penguin Random House (2015) 80/pp.

Far referenced by Devin Johnston, Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2015) 96 pages. Batman Fibonacci: New and chosen poems (1991-2011) by Maureen Seaton, Carnegie Mellon UP (2013) 168 pages. Joy Ladin cemetery firework display, Headmistress Press (2017) 70/pp. There were five reviews: Not on the last but the very last day; The Wug Test; The Wug Test; scriptorium; and Trébuchet by Joshua Bennett, Justin Boening, Jennifer Kronovet, Melissa Range and Danniel Schoonebeek, Penguin Books, Milkweed Editions, Ecco, Beacon Press and University of Georgia Press (2016) Variouspp.

To Us Which Music: The Life and Poetry of Donald Justice by Jerry Harp, University of Iowa Press (2010) 177pp. The forgiveness of Shane McCrae, Factory Hollow Press (2014) 75 pages. The four chapbooks by Tracy Grinnell; Nancy Kuhl; Jenn McCreary; Susan Schultz, (2010, 2011) 32 pages. Quat quaternary volumes of poetry by Moxley; Bouchard; Browne; Meyer, Flood Editions; Ugly Duckling Presse; Rouen et du Havre; Song Cave (2014) 100 pages.

Quad reincarnations by Max Ritvo, Milkweed Editions (2016) 96 pages. Forteen weathercocks by Cassandra Cleghorn, Marick Press (2016) 78 pages. The Galley of the Beloved in Torment von Kyle McCord, Dream Horse Press (2010) 80 Seiten. Spirit / Landscape by Kristina Marie Darling and John Gallaher, BlazeVOX[Books] (2016) 102 pages. A 96-page de la Voix de Christina Pugh, Livres trimestriels (2013) 96 Seiten.

Elizabeth Savage's grammar, Möbelpresse Bücher (2012) 64 pages. Funeral home by Nancy Mitchell, Cervená Barva Press (2009) 66 pages. 112 pages by Heather Christle, Wesleyan University Press (2015). Your loyalty from Liz Waldner, Miami University Press (2016) 80 pages. This is a 83-page book by Kelsea Habecker, New Rivers Press (2008). James Honest by Christian Schlegel, The Song Cave (2015) 80 pages.

Anthem for the Black Terrific by Kiki Petrosino, Sarabande Books (2013) 88 pages. Editions (2017) 96 pages. Amy King's I Want to Make You Save, Litmus Press (2011) 83pp. Wasn' t by Julia Cohen of Noemi Press (2014) 126 pages. I' m not going to step my buddies from Kathleen Winter, Elixir Press (2018) 88 pages.

This is an image by David Mutschlecner, Ahsahta Press (2018) 104 pages. Ilocality by Joseph Massey, Wave Books (2015) 120 pages. An overwhelming delusion by John Amen, New York Quarterly Books (2017) 72 pages. by Joshua Edwards, Ugly Duckling Presse (2013) 96 pages. A Landscape by John Gallaher, BOA Éditions (2014) 128 pages. Defense of Nothing: Ausgewählte Gedichte, 1987-2011 by Peter Gizzi, Wesleyan University Press (2014) 244 pages.

Translated in the language of my captor by Shane McCrae, Wesleyan University Press (2017) 108 pages. In the ghost factory of Norman Finkelstein, Marsh Hawk Press (2010) 69 pages. Even by Rae Armantrout, Wesleyan University Press (2015) 112 pages. Child Death Forest by Franz Wright, Knopf (2012) 128 pages. LAB by Jill Magi, Nachtschiffsbücher (2014) 88 pages.

Landsceneries on the Cole Swensen Trains, Nightboat Books (2015) 88 pages. Larger White House Speaking by Mark Irwin, New Editions Poetry & Prose (2013) 68 pages. Spät im Reich der Menschen by Christopher Kempf, four-way books (2017) 80 pages. Listen to Earthquake by Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Caketrain (2012) 11pp. Non-human books by Gabriel Gudding, Ahsahta Press (2016) 144 pages.

Arias by Kristen Case, New Issues Press (2015) 81 pages. Livin Must Boys by Josie Sigler, Fence books (2010) 63 pages. View by Solmaz Sharif, Graywolf Press (2016) 96 pages. Loser Dream On von Mark Halliday, The University of Chicago Press (2018) 80 Seiten. and by Jeff Griffin, Iowa UP (2013) l74pp.

Bright Epinoia by Peter O'Leary, The Cultural Society (2010) 128 pages. Miracles of the Invisible by Jenny Molberg, Tupelo Press (2017) 78 pages. Day of May by Gretchen Marquette, Graywolf Press (2016) 96 pages. Wiesenschlitzer by Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Black Ocean (2017) 72 pages. Meeting Me Here at Dawn by Sophie Klahr, YesYes Boks (2016) 96 pages.

The Micrographia von Emily Wilson, University of Iowa Press (2009) 48 Seiten. Moon absent from Bin Ramke, Omnidawn (2014) 121pp. Mortars by Sara Mumolo, Omnidawn (2013) 80 pages. It was my debt to Leora Fridman, Cleveland State University Press (2016) 86 pages. The Lorenzo by Sebastien Smirou, published by Andrew Zawacki, Bulning Deck Press (2012) 120 pages.

Harmony Holiday Negro League Baseball, Fence Books (2011) 88 pages. Ahsahta Press (2011) 128 pages, No Grave Can Holds My Bodysuit Down by Aaron McCollough. O, Herz by Claudia Keelan, Barrow Street Press (2014) 64 pages. Items from a loaned confession by Julie Carr, Ahsahta Press (2017) 160 pages. G. S. Giscombe, Omnidawn (2014) 56 pages.

About On Tact, & the Made Up World by Michele Glazer, University of Iowa Press (2010) 72 pages. Rose Orange by Lucy Ives, Ashanta Press (2013) 104 pages. A 88-page book by Arthur Vogelsang, University of Pittsburgh Press (2016). From Cole Swenson, Parlor Press (2017) 96 pages. From Biswamit Dwibedy, 1913 Presse (2010) 96 pages.

Information on the location by Richard O. Moore, Omnidawn Publishing (2015) 96 pages. Partisan of Things by Francis Ponge, edited by Joshua Corey and Jean-Luc Garneau, Kenning Edition (2016) 61 pages. Treaty of Gillian Conoley, Omnidawn (2014) 112 pages. Phosphorescent of Thought by Peter O'Leary, Kulturgesellschaft (2013) 88 pages. Phrase by Wendy Xu, Fence books (2017) 88 pages.

Recent poems by Jorie Graham, Ecco Press (2012) 96 pages. Monsters play: Seiche by Diana Arterian, 1913 Press (2017) 181pp. Post by Wayne Miller, Milkweed Editions (2016) 96 pages. Practical experience on Bergen by David Bartone, Ahsahta (2013) 112 pages. 50-page punch line by Nick Courtright, Gold Wake Press (2012). Mayfish by Mary Hickman, Omnidawn (2017) 80%.

Reception by Karen Leona Anderson, Milkweed Editions (2016) 96 pages. Reception by Karen Leona Anderson, Milkweed Editions (2016) 96 pages. Lovely Reckless by Martha Silano, Saturnalia Book (2014) 80 pages. Sandra Meek, Persea Boks (2012) 80 pages. Roseate, Points of Gold by Laynie Browne, Dusie Press (2011) 82 pages. Lily Brown, Cleveland State University Poetry Center (2011) 72 Seiten.

The Scarecrow by Robert Fernandez, Wesleyan University Press (2016) 88 pages. Scorpio Oden by Laynie Browne, Kore Press (2015) 56 pages. Suture by Tarfia Faizullah, Southern Illinois University Press (2014) 80 pages. Work with Letters on Fire by Brenda Hillman, Wesleyan UP (2013) 132 pages. 252 pages on Second Nature by Jack Collom, Instance Press (2012).

Poems by Keith Waldrop, Omnidawn (2016) 96 pages. A self-portrait with spores & sulfur by Casey Thayer, University of New Mexico Press (2015) 80 pages. Grant Souders, Tupelo Press (2017) 82 pages. Were Miztaken by Seth Landman, Factory Hollow Press (2013) 71pp. Silencers by Marcus Wicker, Mariner Books (2017) 96 pages.

Skeletal Coast by Elizabeth Arnold, Flood Editions (2017) 120 pages. Kathy Goodkin's Paralysis of Spleep, Dance Girls' News (2017) 23 pages. Little porcelain head by Allison Benis White, four-way books (2013) 72 pages. Maximum by Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Futurepoem Books (2015) 128 pages. A Few Habits of C. Violet Eaton, Omnidawn (2015) 73pp.

Severalone Else's Weding by Bianca Stone, Octopus Books (2014) 88 Seiten. Sacred tomb by Dan Magers, Reality Beach (2016) 22 pages. Milz-Elegie by Jason Labbe, BlazeVOX Books (2017) 102 pages. Striven, The Bright Treatise by Jeffrey Pethybridge, Noemi Press (2013) 198 pages. Sonntag Ascent by Patricia Clark, Michigan State University Press (2013) 100 pages.

Opal C. McCarthy, Tinderbox Editions (2016) 90 pages. Enclosed by friends of Matthew Rohrer, Wave Books (2015) 112 pages. Sumpf Isthmus by Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Black Ocean (2013) 88 pages. This Stallion by Anaïs Duplan, Brooklyn Arts Press (2016) 76 pages. Omnibus tender by Katy Bohinc, Editor, Tender Buttons Press (2016) 0620pp.

{2015} 144 pages. Absolute Brief by Andrew Joron, Flood Editions (2017) 80 pages. Die Amerikaner; The Tribute Horse by David Roderick; Brandon Som, University of Pittsburgh Press; Nightboat Bücher (2014) 88; 104 pages. Joshua by Zachary Schomburg, Black Ocean Press (2014) 128 pages. De Caveat Onus: Meditation by Dave Brinks, Black Widow Press (2009) 240 pages.

Dandelion clock by Daniel Tiffany, Tinfish Press (2010) 64 pages. Michael Mlekoday, The Kent State University Press (2014) 72 Seiten. Dot Devota, Rescue Press (2016) 148 pages. An Fisher-Wirth and Laura-Gray Street, Trinity University Press (2013) 696 pages. Sally Keith, Milkweed Editions (2012) 88 Seiten.

Feel Trio by Fred Moten, Letter Machine Edition (2014) 104 pages. Field by Robert Andrew Perez, Omnidawn (2016) 64 pages. Last recording by Mario Susko, Poesie Salzburg (2013) 40 pages. Ethel Rackin's The Forever Notes, Parlor Press (2013) 75 pages. Eighty, le cadeau qui arrive brisé par Jacqueline Berger, Autumn House Press (2010) 80 Seiten.

All Welcome by Mónica de la Torre, Ugly Duckling Presse (2017) 128 pages. Suzanne Buffam's Irrationalist, Canarium Blocks (2010) 104 pages. James Shea's novel Fence (2014) 88 pages. De Meatgirl Whatever by Kristin Hatch, FENCE and FENCE in 2014, 88 pages. Monarchs by Melanie Noel, Stockport Flats (2013) 62 pages.

Jericho Brown's New Testament, Copper Canyon Press (2014) 110 pages. Next monsters by Julie Doxsee, Black Ocean (2013) 96 pages. In The Odds of Being von Daneen Wardrop, Silverfish Review Press (2008) 80 Seiten. Persea and Kimberly Grey, Persea Boks (2016) 64 pages. Daniel Borzutzky's performance of becoming human, Brooklyn Arts Press (2016) 94 pages.

Bukhanan and Meier by Oni Buchanan; Richard Meier, University of Iowa Press; Omnidawn (2012) 94; 80 pages. Gregory Kimbrell's Primitive observatory, Southern Illinois University Press (2016) 80 pages. A soothed tongue by Eric Baus, City Lights (2014) 70%pp. Chloe Honum, Cleveland State University Poetry Center (2014) 72 Seiten.

John Beer's The Waste Land and Other Poems, Canarium Blocks (2010) 128 pages. All the field still moves within; Almanac by Molly Bashaw; Austin Smith, Word Works; Princeton University Press (2014; 2013) 80; 96 pages. Alex Lemon's wish book, Milkweed Editions (2014) 136 pages. Julie Carr's think tank, Solid Object (2015) 96 pages.

Poems 1965-2010 by Michael Heller, Nightboat Blocks (2012) 600 pages. By the second skins of Derek Sheffield, Orchises Press (2013) 96 pages. Graham Foust, Flood Editions (2015) 96 pages. Anacreon To In Heaven and Other Poems by Graham Foust, Flood Editions (2013) 128 pages. From Allison Seay, Persea Journals (2013) 80 pages.

The To Think of Her Writing Awash in Light von Linda Russo, Subito Press (2016) 8d. Transcription of qualities by Martha Ronk, Omnidawn (2013) 88 pages. A 168-page trébuchet by Danniel Schoonebeek, University of Georgia Press (2016). Quadruple Review: By the Numbers, Nick Demske, et My Gargantuan Desire von Nick Demske, James Richardson, et Brad Crenshaw, Fence, Copper Canyon, & Greenhouse Review Press (2010) variouspp Turnning into Dwelling von Christopher Gilbert, Graywolf Press (2015) 208pp. each.

Yarn by David Koehn, Bauhan Verlag (2014) 112 pages. 2 Joshua Corey by Joshua Corey, Omnidawn Publishing; Spuyten Duyvil (2014) 136; 386 pages. The two recommendations from the Poetry Review Editor by Brian Teare / Matvei Yankelevich, Ashada Press / Black Square Editions (2015 / 2015) p. Two reviews: Fellowship of the Community Garden for Lonely Girls and Ugly Time von Christine Shan Shan Hou und Sarah Galvin, Gramma Poetry (2017) variouspp. 2 critiques :

Recent works from SplitLevel texts by Carla Harryman; Catherine Meng, SplitLevel texts (2013) 134; 128 pages. With the sign of Ann Lauterbach, Penguin (2013) 160 pages. Survivability of Sarah Vap, Penguin Boks (2016) 176 pages. 72 pages in German by Molly Bendall, Omnidawn (2016). This is Pharaoh by Robert Fernandez, Canarium Boks (2011) 136 pages. Who Saw Everything de Whit Griffin, The Cultural Society (2015) 125pp.

Hochzeitszüge von J. K. Daniels, Hub City Press (2016) 80 pages. Testimonials of what ludicrous things we could ask each other from Jeffrey Schultz, University of Georgia Press (2014) 88 pages. As for the lyrics by Sarah Nicholson, Song Cave (2016) 112 pages. The Whelm by Dawn Lonsinger, First Horse Press (2013) 108 pages. While by Stephen Dunn, W. W. Norton & Company (2017) Eightypp.

Whereever we want to be: Poems 1975-2015 by Robyn Sarah, Biblioasis (2017) 150 pages. They are not tot by Wendy Xu, Cleveland State University Poetry Center (2013) 84 pages. Dara Weir's You Good Thing, Wave Books (2013) 64 pages. Fifty-seven Octavos below Center C by Kevin McIlvoy, four-way books (2017) 184 pages.

The collapse of Brian Evenson's horses, Coffee House Press (2016) 270 pages. An A Field Guide to Killer & Fishing von Tim Weed, Green Writers Press (2017) 282pp. An escapee in Walden Woods by Norman Lock, Bellevue Literary Press (2017) 240 pages. Lightning-fed garden by Marshall Moore, Signal 8 Press (2016) 220 pages.

Eimar McBride, Coffee House Press (2014) 267pp. Moral history and other moral stories by Josh Emmons, Dzanc in 184pp (2017). Under the Wild Mulattos & Other Tales by Tom Williams, Texas Review Press (2015) 192 pages. A 165-page open letter (2016) by Antoine Volodine, published by J.T. Mahany in translation of it.

Ahead of Sa?a festival Stani?i?, published by Anthea Bell, Tin House Books (2016) 316pp. A 290-page anthology of heroic proportions by Tricia Reeks and Kyle Richardson, publishers, Meerkat Press (2017). Confused by Carla Panciera, University of Massachusetts Press (2014) 184 pages. Happiness and other short stories by Ted Gilley, University of Nebraska Press (2010) 366 pages.

Bonneland by Nance Van Winckel, University of Oklahoma Press (2013) 196 pages. The Broken River by J. Robert Lennon, Graywolf Press (2017) 288 pages. 228 pages byrd by Kim Church, Dzanc Boks (2014). Coffee House Press (2017) 128 pages, Diego Zúñiga's book about camanchacas. Childrens of the land by Abigail R. Shaffer, Outpost19 ( (2016) 207pp. Chrismas in July by Alan Michael Parker, Dzanc Boks (2018) 256 pages.

Physicality by Hollis Seamon, Able Muse Press (2013) 204 pages. Downward climb of Tim Johnston, Algonquin (2015) 394pp. Descriptive of the Sky by Randal Eldon Greene, Harvard Square Editions (2016) 91 pages. Callan Wink's Dog Run Moon, The Dial Press (2016) 256 pages. Hundred years by Melissa Yancy, University of Pittsburgh Press (2016) 240 pages.

Domesticized wild things and other stories by Xhenet Aliu, University of Nebraska Press (2013) 156 pages. drained by Davis Schneiderman, nine-monthly (2010) 240 pages. Drownded boy by Jerry Gabriel, Sarabande Books (2010) 155 pages. Elektrizität & andere Träume by Micah Dean Hicks, New American Press (2013) 234 pages. Nance Van Winckel's Ever Yrs, Twisted Road Publications (2014) 160 pages.

Each one here has a weapon from Lucas Southworth, University of Massachusetts Press (2013) 176 pages. Everyone Was There by Anthony Varallo, Elixir Press (2017) 168 pages. 218 Seiten. by Charles Haverty, University of Iowa Press (2015) 218 Seiten. Family below us by Blake Kimzey, Black Lawrence Press (2014) 40 pages. A 416-page book by Mike Meginnis, Black Balloon Publishing (2014).

Daisy Johnson, Graywolf Press (2017) 208 pages. {2015} 288 pages. Tales by Matthew Vollmer, Persea Boks (2016) 180 pages. Georgiæ by Mariko Nagai, BkMk Press (2010) 162 pages. Geistermotte by Michèle Forbes, Bellevue Literary Press (2013) 252 pages. Melissa Fraterrigo's 180-page book entitled Festival de la Cité de la Cité de la Université de Nebraska Press (2017). Pieces from Rachel Hall, BkMk Press (2016) 190 pages.

by Matthew Binder, Roundfire in the Streets (2016) 257 pages. Heaven, Me, Muhammad Ali by Randa Jarrar, Sarabande Jarrar (2016) 26pp. When A Stranger Approaches You by Laura Kasischke, Sarabande in 184pp (2013). At the cemetery of the orange trees of Jeff Talarigo, Etruscan Press (2018) 196 pages. The Forest of Remembrance by Shun Medoruma, Stone Bridge Press (2017) 208 pages.

At this time, the house is a tired place by Jessica Hollander, University of North Texas Press (2013) 152 pages. Eugen Ruge's Times of Fading Light, translates 344 pages from the German by Anthea Bell, Graywolf Press (2013). Iceland of Point Nemo by Jean-Marie Blas de Robles, published by Hannah Chute, Open Letter (2017) 397 pages.

Icht by Steven Seidenberg, published by Steven Seidenberg, published in 2014, 211 pages. The Gypsy Emperor by Lenore Myka, BkMk Press (2015) 216 pages. Lügen, Erste Person von Gail Hareven, Open Letters (2015) 370 pages. Loteria by Mario Alberto Zambrano, Harper (2013) 288 pages. Solid, cleansing fire by Dave Housley, Outpost19 (2017) 122 pages. Ottessa Moshfegh's MacGlue, fence books (2014) 118 pages.

Miruna, A Story by Bogdan Suceav?, Twisted Spoon Press (2014) 143pp. Monster in Appalachia by Sheryl Monks, West Virginia University Press (2016) 180 pages. Mein Puls is an Erdbeben by Kristin Fitzpatrick, Vandalia Press (2015) 220 pages. Margaret Wappler's Neon Green, unnnamed press (2016) 246 pages. Recent & Selected Stories II by David Jauss, Press 53 (2017) 282pp.

Nacht in Erg Chebbi and other stories by Edward Hamlin, University of Iowa Press (2015) 198 pages. Nov. Sturm by Robert Oldshue, University of Iowa Press (2016) 140 pages. From this new world of Allegra Hyde, University of Iowa Press (2016) 124 pages. At the Sal Mal Lane of Ru Freeman, Graywolf Press (2013) 336 pages.

Josefine Klougart, Offene Briefe (2016) 228 pages. Oréo by Fran Ross, New Directions (reprinted 1974, 2015) 240 pages. Anne Valente, William Morrow/HarperCollins Publishers (2016) 284pp. Abdourahman A. Waberi's Passages of Tears, compiled by David and Nicole Ball, Seagull Blocks (2011) 216 pages.

The Petites Suites by Robert Wexelblatt, BlazeVOX Books (2017) 350 pages. Tales de Jacob M. Appel, Univ. von South Carolina Press, Pressgang, und Black Lawrence (2014) variouspp Pike and Bloom von Matthew Nye, Northwestern University Press (2016) 24pp. Steven Dunn, Tarpaulin Sky Press (2016) 134 pages. Prayer for the sales of Sandra Dallas, St. Martin's Press (2009) 352 pages.

Molly Patterson's Harper Collins (2017) 560ppbellion. Rote Schuhe für Rachel: Three short stories by Boris Sandler, published by Barnett Zumoff, Syracuse University Press (2017) 224 pages. House of reptiles by Robin McLean, BOA Edition (2015) 216 pages. Lynette D'Amico's Road trip, Twelve Winters Press (2015) 96 pages. Deposited by Jessamyn Hope, Fig Tree Books (2015) issue no. 207.

By Lina Meruane, Megan McDowell, Deep Vellum Publishing (2016) 170 pages. Sieben Ansichten derselben Landschaft von Esther Tusquets, compiled by Barbara F. Ichiishi, Host Publications (2010) 172 pages. The Shankus & Kitto: A Tale by Lynn Crawford, DittoDitto Books (2016) 162 pages. The sleeping dragons: Tales of Magela Baudoin, Schaffner Press (2018) 144 pages.

Schnee und Schatten by Dorothy Tse, East Slope Publishing (2014) 212 pages. K music by Karen An-hwei Lee, Ellipsis Press (2017) 143 pages. Sad to disturb the tranquillity by Patty Yumi Cottrell, McSweeney's (2017) 208pp. Show by Susan Steinberg, Graywolf (2013) 162pp. by Stephen Florida of Gabe Habash, Coffee House Press (2017) 304 pages.

The Survival Skills of Jean Ryan, Ashland Creek Press (2013) 212 pages. A 224-page annual Big Arsenic Fishing Contest! by John Nichols, University of New Mexico Press (2016). Best Small Fictions 2016 by Stuart Dybek (editor), Queen's Ferry Press (2016) 148 pages. Die Biologie des Glücks by Jacob M. Appel, Elephant Rock Books (2013) 220 pages.

From Abdelfattah Kilito's The Clash of Images, compiled by Robyn Creswell, New Directions (2010) 128 pages. Patrick Hicks, Schaffner Press (2015) 200 pages. Complete stories of Lucy Gold by Kate Bernheimer, The University of Alabama Press (2011) 128 pages. Jáchym Topol's The Devil's Workshop, From the Czech by Alex Zucker, Portobello Jáchym Topol (2013) 160 pages.

Karen Karbo's The Diamond Lane, Hawthorne Boks (2014) 422 pages. Cynan Jones' excavation, Coffee House Press (2015) 176 pages. Gustav Sonata by Rose Tremain, W. W. Norton & Company (2016) 256 pages. Gary Fincke's Killer Dog, Elixir Press (2017) 221 pages. Can Xue's Last Lover; by Annelise Finegan Wasmoen, Yale University Press (2014) 336 pages.

Jerry Gabriel, Queen's Ferry Press (2015) 284 pages. Lost Daughter Collective by Lindsey Drager, Dzanc (2017) 184 pages. Craig Cliff's mannequins, Milkweed (2017) showcase puppet maker and designer, model no. 300. Pets by Bragi Ólafsson, Open Letter (2015) 157 pages. Phantom of Thomas Hardy by Floyd Skloot, University of Wisconsin Press (2016) 184 pages.

Jonathan Corcoran's rope swing, Vandalia Press (2016) 144 pages. Rebecca Winterer's singing ship, Del Sol (2017) 224 pages. Scribner ( (2015) S. The Stillness of the Pictures von Gretchen Comba, Kore Press (2016) 124 Seiten. Carmiel Banasky's Claire Bishop's Suicide, Dzanc Buch's (2015) 392 pages.

Tales by José Skinner, University of New Mexico Press (2016) 200 pages. Forrest Gander's trail, Neue Wege (2014) 240 pages. Katherine Hill's Violet Hour, Scribner (2013) violet Hour of the Year ref. to date approx. 268pp. White Swallow by Anna Kovatcheva, Gold Line Press (2015) 52 pages. Comments on a vocation by Fanny Howe, Graywolf Press (2009) 144 pages.

Year of Perfect Happiness by Becky Adnot-Haynes, University of North Texas Press (2015) 192 pages. Seventy-seven by Peter Stenson, Dzanc Boks (2018) 288 pages. These Is Your Lifes, Harriet Chance ! von Jonathan Evison, Algonquin Blocks (2015) 320 Seiten. Homage by Anne Germanacos, Rettungspresse (2014) 285 pages. 12 wives in a country named America by Kelly Cherry, Press 53 (2015) 232pp. a...

Margot Singer's underground fugue, Melville House (2017) 36pp. Etiquette by Lincoln Michel, Coffee House Press (2015) 224 pages. A 216-page book by Vilna My Vilna by Abraham Karpinowitz (trans. Helen Mintz), Syracuse University Press (2016). Krieg, So much Krieg von Mercè Rodoreda, open letter (2015) 185 pages. Bonnie ZoBell, Presse 53 (2014) 192 pages.

That you now enjoy by Sarah Gerkensmeyer, Fall House Press (2013) 172pp. by Bryn Chancellor, University of Nebraska Press (2015) 136pp. in. {\a6} Where We Go When All We Were Were Gone par Sequoia Nagamatsu, Black Lawrence Press (2016) 17. Hilton Als White Girls, McSweeney's (2013) 3100pp. A 168-page book by Eric Neuenfeldt, University of Massachusetts Press (2016).

Gains and losses by Peter Makuck, Syracuse University Press (2016) 200 pages. Bitch girl of Tanvi Bush, Modjaji Books (2015) 262pp. Excluding net by Ana Maria Shua, translation by Steven J. Stewart, Hanging Loose Press (2012) 128 pages. Get Only Get Letters from Jail by Jodi Angel, Tin House Books (2013) 288pp.

Another kind of like by Kelley Clink, she wrote Press (2015) 208pp. Muse and Labyrinth: Written as a jigsaw game, secret and magic by Peter Turchi, Trinity University Press (2014) 248 pages. Ceremonial joy: The imaginative, Witness and the Written by Melissa Pritchard, Bellevue Literary Press (2015) 192 pages. The Experiment (2016) by Jeremy Gavron, 272 pages.

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