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Composing a summary of a book is a good way to record what you read. The book review can be a primary source, an opinion piece, a summary review or a scientific review. I' m a big self-help and business book junkie. They' re offering every book I want. In a student book review, besides your opinion, the analysis of the plot of the story is of utmost importance.

The Age of the Amazon by Jeff Bezos

This all-in-one book is about Jeff Bezos giving up a profitable business on the streets and founding one of the most profitable businesses in the business at the time of the letter. This book begins with an introductory look into Jeff Bezos' way of living, how his father and mother emigrated to the United States, his early years, his talents and peculiarities, and so on.

He weaves Jeff Bezos' biography with that of Amazon and explains how Bezos' familiy believe in his ideas, investing a great deal of it. Bezos also explains how it can win the investment of other VC', overcome many obstacles, stay slim, keep business costs very low by being thrifty, build the business around the customers by concentrating on their satisfaction and accompany Amazon through an outpouring.

This book also details Amazon's spectacular excursion into the sale of other Amazon related goods and sevices, such as the Amazon Web Service cloudsite, a gaming engine that drove Amazon into the "Big 4" of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. A good thing aside, the maker filming an person conceptualization and discussion active how Amazon tyrannized the product business to adopt their heading by not allowing them to sale their product on Amazon document, and advanced push them to sale product on Kindle e-book document day when they didn't poverty to.

Likewise, the writer notes how Amazon scans bot ts through the Internet for lower price and then adjusts the article price accordingly, some of the time for losses, and this later as a vigorous strategy to purchase businesses that are of strategic interest to Amazon (such as Zappos). However, the writer builds on Bezos' mission to make Amazon the most customer-oriented enterprise in the run.

He closes the book by unveiling how he came into contact with Bezos' biologic dad, who apologized for having left Bezos during his early years, but believes it was the right thing to do for Bezos' well-being. Bezos' dad came into contact with Bezos again and apologized for not having treated him as he should.

Bezo's been an excentric wizard since he was a child. Bert Bezos quit a very profitable business at D.E. Shaw on wall st. to start an online bookshop he liked to set up. During the early Amazon era Bezos had set up a belfry that rang with every order at Amazons. com, he got it off later when the belfry very often-rang.

Amazon's face with Barnes & Nobles, and how it mastered the challenges and won the fight to be the premier bookseller. In every discussion Bezos always leave a seat empty, the seat representing the client. Amaz-negotiates with UPS and feedex to lower its dispatch costs, and its later excursion into the own dispatch.

Like Amazon expands to include articles from non-book product classes and later to other service providers such as Amazon Webservices. As Amazon harasses rivals to their businesses to sell, book publishing houses and vendors to sale goods at extremely low price. He is fascinated by the history of astronautics and its projects and activites.

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