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thanks for suggesting the parental book review site. I' ve checked it out, and it's definitely what I was looking for. Search by book title, age, subject, recommended parents and award winners.


By reviewing, writing and discussing, we want to stimulate intelligent thinking, mental development, and the wish to obey the order of Colossians 2:8: "No one should take you prisoner by a false and false philosophies that depend on man's traditions and the fundamental laws of this earth and not on Christ."

Each of our three children is devoted to their journey with Christ, but they are still facing a challenge. "Only when we go on-line and review your evaluation of a particular movie will our families go to the cinema. This is the BEST BORN website I have found for my critique of Christians and I commend it to my relatives and my mates.

It is our privilege to do our work and we are always grateful for the generous and supportive contributions of you, our faithful readership, audience and family.

There are 5 helpful websites for parents who want to know more

It' not easy to find out if the one your kid wants to buy is appropriate or if the film your daughter's boyfriends will see is right for them. Here are some other pages you may find useful. The website answers all your queries about the contents of a film.

You can see a summary of the video and a review for three different catagories at a glance: To learn almost everything about the video, click on "Complete Contents Analysis" under the heading of your choise. By the way, it is the same summary that you get when you click on "Parents Guide" in the webmcd.

Don't look here for an assessment of how valuable the film is - this page will only tell you what your kid might see. Part previews also checks film contents. This page will list a certificate for each film with scores in the following categories: violence, sexuality, language and drugs/alcohol. There' s also an overall mark on the basis of the combinations of these marks.

They can also view a full report or the detail of the contents. The Focus on the Family team evaluates films, video, TV, music and gaming. Whilst films for each of the three category-children, youth and adults-get a warning about the contents, the other category-lets let the readers choose on the basis of DeepL-contents.

Concentration on the Family also provides book review on a dedicated page, You expressly declare that the contents of your review are not literature. We evaluate films, literature, works of art and literature that have or have not been awarded the title "Family Approved". They seem to be focusing on films, as the book and musical selections are much more restricted.

Films have a bargraph evaluation value in the following categories: sex, language, violence, drugs, nudity and others. The site provides coverage of a wide range of films, titles, apps, web sites, TV, literature and musical works. As, these ratings are grounded in substance, not belief. It fosters what they call "media reason" and provides parents and kids with the necessary instruments to be experienced user.

Commons Sense Media allows parents and children to exchange their reviews with others.

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