Book Review Sites for Authors

Review sites for authors

WRITERS: WHAT AUTHORS SAY ABOUT CIRCUS BOOK REVIEWS. We ask for your understanding that most reviewers have a large pile of books to check. The self-released author: 28 book review sites | Tips & Tutorials

Bottom is a position of 28 computer, eccines and diaries whose person position statesman careful document of hedged product and book. Here, too, the pages are sorted according to the Alekha number: the lower the number, the more people like the page. They can send your work to all of them, although it goes without saying that a filing will not necessarily have to be a review, cheap or otherwise! 12,356: Book review page review highlights and separate e-book ratings. 110,388:

This is a site that critiques novel literature with a touch of other categories. 284,485: A diary for self-published childle authors, run by a self-published childle-authors. It offers contributions by authors, in-depth interviewing, "sponsored contributions" by visiting authors and advertising on its website.,151,918: An site that repeats a number of electronic literature, mostly of the idealistic invention category, and sometimes films and sound. 1,429,032:

There is a diary that repeats printing product and electronic book (which can be obtained on notebook ipod), with a conspicuous for head falsehood, female falsehood, cozy perplexity, psychology adventure story, homicide perplexity, transgression, message, paranormal/city creativity and emotion. 1,649,793: This is a blogs containing textbooks and ebook, with a focus on memoir, female narrative, easy paranormality, detective stories, timetravelers, horror/tension/thriller and select YA.

Review is published on the website, Goodreads, Smashwords and Amazon. 1,773,601: This is a printed book-based ( "preferred") book as well as ebook on a restricted base, with a special emphasis on women's fun / chic liter, romanticism, literary and historic fun, religious fun, YA, children's writing, memoir and cookery novels. 2,951,890:

There is a fictional ebook diary, with a focus on sci-fi, ghosts, fantasy stories and suspense stories, and spotlight a writer every week. 3,705,955: One site that post of summaries of new e-books by an in-house reviewers, and the post readers' book summaries filed. 3,947,099: An site that repeats suspense, crimes, true crimes and mysteries, as well as provides India publication headlines, visitor postings and Interviews. 5,009,611:

One diary featuring individual maker faculty appraisal new product, interview maker and adult visitor professional of all kind. 5,406,299: A unit of writer reviewing book emotionality. self-publications of all kinds of novels.

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