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Reviews in the App Store Explore and publish your favourite book on Goodreads, the world's biggest website for book recommendation!" Browse new and interesting textbooks by searching personalised referrals according to the textbooks you've studied and your favourite genre. Watch what your buddies say, review your book and keep an overview of what you want to have.

Put the book in your hand on your "readable" bookshelf and look through the bookmarks before you buy. Over 35 million members have added more than 1 billion volumes to their bookshelves. The Goodreads application connects the strength and breadth of the Goodreads fellowship with a vast catalogue of textbooks and book review.

  • Get personalised advice and find new book to your taste. - Goodreads Choice Awards: Choose your favourite book of the year and see the winner! - Take part in the Reading Challenge! - Keep a wish book. - View book review and update from your buddies. - Browse new titles and find your favourite bookmarks.
  • Evaluate and evaluate each book in our catalogue with more than 12 million titles. - Share your comments and progression update as you are reading. - Recommend this book to a colleague. - Join on-line book societies and link up with other people. No need to browse through a long combo box to find a friend's name.

The only wish I have would be a DNF catagory besides the common ones (i.e. - "Currently Reading", "To Read", "Read"). At the moment I have a few dozen volumes on my "Read"-list, although I haven't finished them. If I haven't been to a book, I can' t stand it, but if I take it off my book sheet, I just try to pick it up and try to reread it later.

Also, I am a reader of many audio book titles and would like to refresh my knowledge of what I'm on under" Current Reading", but I have no way of telling which page I'm on, and entering the percent is just a notion. For this to be more precise where I am in the book, it might be good to have a section that records the section or moment you are in.

I would have a more complete overview of my overall performance throughout the whole readings if that were the case. I would suggest to create a DNF shell and do it "exclusively", which allows you to circumvent the standard shelfs ("read", "read current" and "read"). You can' t add a book to an existing bookshelf to another bookshelf (like "read"), but it can still be added to any of your non-exclusive bookshelf.

To make a bookshelf exclusive: 1. click on My eBooks in the headline. Locate the shelving you want to make exclusively in your shelving lists and click on the check box under "exclusively". To follow your audio book progression, just split your recent audio book progression in lessons into the overall length of your audio book to determine your percentage.

If you invest 3 lessons in an 8-hour audio book, for example, you have made 38% improvement (3/8 = 37.5%, round up to 38%). The book is no exeption. It began with a four-star review because the book seemed humourless in extensions. It' interesting to study. Hello, it seems you've been writing a book review here.

Only to let you know that this section is actually for checking the Goodreads application itself, not for book review! You can find more information on how to review a book on the iPhone application by following this link: https://www.goodreads. com/help/show/459 I really want this to help! It' s great that you can read a book for simple cataloguing, I really like that I can use it while I make useless book purchases to make sure I don't buy what I already have.

It' s great that I can keep my book advances in the application up to date. There' s only one thing that's really lacking - the possibility to input data about my activities for a book that shows that I've reread it. But I can't put more data in when I reread a book, which is all I've been doing lately.

But while a plurality of my textbooks are really bodily textbooks, I have a multitude of ignite and sound binders that I use on my telephone, so if I quit them, it would be nifty to refresh my action with a re-read date while I've already sticking my nose in front of my telephone.

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