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Patricia's books that already have 100+ ratings this year

This year has only just begun, but 2018 is already packed with new books. For the next big novel, take a look at our 2018 Popular Books page, which contains new publications with at least 100 responses from other librophiles. There is something for everyone, from New York Times bestsellers like J.D. Robb and Kristin Hannah to highly acclaimed firsts.

It' for a crises situation, the final test of survivors. Losing another position, he makes an impetuous decision: he will move his wife and daughter to Alaska, where they will be living on America's last peril. Thirteen year old Leni, a young woman who comes of full legal majority in a turbulent period and is trapped in Riptide's impassioned, turbulent parenting, dare to dare to hope that a new country will bring a better tomorrow for her own families.

However, as Alaska' s winters approach and dark falls, Ernt's brittle state of mind worsens and the whole household begins to break up. Had you known the date of your deaths, how would you lead your own lives? It is 1969 in New York City's Lower East Side, and the news has been spreading of the coming of a mystic lady, a travelling clairvoyant who claimed to be able to tell everyone the anniversary of her deaths.

An intoxicating novel of noteworthy ambitions and profundity, The Immortalists explores the boundary between fate and election, truth and delusion, this and the next one. Gillian Flynn and Tana French's reader will find one of the most awaited debut of the century, released in 36 different tongues around the globe and already in the making as a great Fox film: a curvaceous, forceful Hitchcock Thriller about an agro-phobic lady who thinks she's seen a felony in a neighbouring town.

A hermit in her house in New York City who can't dare to go outside. It'?s the ideal group. However, when Anna looks out of the windows one evening and sees something she shouldn't see, her earth collapses - and her horrifying mysteries are revealed. However, as they adjust to the routines of their common existence, they are torn apart by conditions that no one could have fathom.

Five years later, Roy's convictions are abruptly lifted and he goes back to Atlanta to take up their lives together again. Arriving in New York, Louisa Clark is poised to begin a new lifetime, hoping she can accept this new venture and keep her relation with Ambulance Sam going for several thousand mile.

She' tossed into the super-rich Gopnik' world: Pursuing her determination to make the most of this adventure, Lou plunges into her work and New York lifestyle in this priviledged city. In New York high school, before she knows what's going on, Lou mixes up with Joshua Ryan, a man who is bringing a hush of her past.

When Lou tries to hold the two sides of her life together in Still Me, she finds herself with mysteries that bring about a disastrous paradox. One cool February evening, during a show of Psycho in downtown, someone sank an ax into Chanel Rylan's nape of the head and then silently vanished into the crowd of drunkards and visitors to Times Square.

Then when Eve Dallas is puzzling over a murder that seems meticulously scheduled and yet strangely intimate, she gets a tip from an unlikely source: an editor of detective stories who realizes the murder - from the pages of her own book. Sidney Wells' ideal lifestyle with her rich, dedicated spouse disappears when he unexpectedly die in an crash.

Naive, out of her own right, and alone in a dubious business environment and unfair individuals, she is framed by her chief and confronted with law enforcement. Sidney has to reconstruct her marriage, security, shelter, cash and reputations from the bottom up, with honour, ingenuity and worth.

Living by the horn, she enlivens her own design careers from New York to Hong Kong, taking risks in an unknown, alien environment. She' re committed to forging a new future to be proud of. You will make many suppositions when you are reading this book.

Searching for a Soviet sleeping space on US land, CIA expert Vivian Miller discovers a perilous mystery that threatens her work, home and world. They' ll always be alive. Jew was seven years old when her folks were killed and she and her two sister were taken to the traitorous Supreme Court of the Fairy.

However, as the conflict is threatening to force the courts of the fairies, Jude will have to put her own lives at stake in a perilous coalition to rescue her sisterhood and the fairies themselves. Lauren Willig, New York Times best-selling writer, wrote this disgraceful Golden Age novel full of mysteries, affaires and blood.

An enchanting New York home for Annabelle and Bayard Van Duyvil, the offspring of an old knickerbocker familiy, she was raised in a Tudor home in England, they had a fairy-tale romantic in London, they have three-year-old twin brothers to throw themselves at, and he copied their home on the shores of the Hudson and christened it Illyria.

It' the 10th year of the battle and the thirty-third of his Iife. Now, he must put at stake everything he has been fighting for on one last frantic missions. Throughout the world, other fates are entwining with Darrows to forever alter his destiny: As a young gorgeous young woman escapes from the drama in her shelter, she reaches a new level of self-determination that she could never have known.

Ex-soldiers who are shattered by sorrow are compelled to take the most precious thing in the universe - or to use their lives to buy it. Lysander au Lune, the exiled inheritor to the ruler, walks through the heavens with his monk Cassius, persecuted by the destruction of the earth that has changed Darrow, and dreams of what will come out of her cinders.

Experience the beginning of a breathtaking new tragic and triumphant tragic story by masterful New York Times bestseller Pierce Brown. Mistress Camellia Beauregard is a Belle. Belles are venerated in the sumptuous Orléans environment because they dominate beauty, and beauty is above all a sought-after product. At Orleans, humans are born grey, they are condemned, and only with the help of a belle and her talent can they be transformed and made beauty.

It is not enough that Camellia is just a Belle. To be the favourite - the Belle, selected by the Queen of Orleans to stay in the King Palacio, take care of the King's household and her farm to be recognised as the most gifted Belle in the country.

When Camellia and her Belle sister reach the farm, however, it becomes clear that it is not all she has always dreamt of. Darkness lives behind the gold-plated castle wall, and Camellia soon finds out that the nature of her life is a falsehood - that her forces are much greater and could be more perilous than she ever envisions.

When Camellia asks to take a chance on her own survival and help the sick prince by unintentionally using Belle forces, Camellia now faces an unlikely choice. Endangered by the very existence of Orleans and its humans, Camellia must either choose - to rescue herself and her sister and the path of the Belles - or revive the printess, take risks of her own existence and forever alter the paths of her family.

Clayton Dhonielle is creating a wealthy, intricate, decades-old universe of excesses and privileges, in which wholeness is not only skin-deep, but a full morgue. Pictures of spirits at the Spanish Lake are living on the fringes of his visions. In the course of a homicide investigative Dave Robicheaux finds out that he may have done the assassination he is examining, which concerned the man who took Dave's loved wife's death.

asks Jane Harper, the New York Times bestseller writer of The Dry: Stacey Bloom has not spent half her entire college years preparing for her biggest challenges - her mother. With Susan Mallery's hallmark of warmness and humour, Susan Like Us is a charming look at nurses, moms, and girls in today's fast-moving age.

As Myriam, a French-Moroccan attorney, decided to go back to work after the birth of her kids, she and her man were looking for the ideal nano for their two youngsters. A compulsively, captivating, courageously watched study of force, classes, race, homeliness and maternity, The Ideal Nano is the US début of an incredibly gifted classic.

In order to bring her mom back, Alice must first dare into the hazel forest, then into the real m where her grandmother's stories began - and where she could find out how her own history went so bad.

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