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For all books and literature, articles etc. I translate from English into German. With this chrome extension you can combine texts in Hindi, English or other Indian languages. The book tells the story of India, with a song and a mood for each year. Browse the best textbooks for learning and teaching Hindi.

The books are reviewed by Hindi teachers.

Briefing: Dream in Hindi

His 395Katherine R Rich has an evil grasp of humor and that becomes clear from the beginning. This report about her visit to India produces the many Indias, a kettle that confuses every even Americans in no short at all. Rich's in no hurry to get back.

Sieged by the unconventional, impassioned and quarrelsome Indians, she took herself enough free rein to sit down and wrote her journals in clear sections - one after the other. Soon she will begin to see and present India from the Hindustani linguistic atlas. This book provides a reflection for an Hindi readership, though often not as brutal as VS Naipaul or Pankaj Mishra in their reports under similar conditions.

She has a subtile note, and she makes good, punctual use of Hindi words to bring her observation home. It is not for nothing that the book was chosen for Oprah Winfrey's book "List of the Ten Most Exciting Readings of 2009".

Dharmvir Bharti (??????? ?????) - The World as I see it

I' ve been hearing a great deal about this novel from Mama, who always said that if I ever get my hands on this book, I'm definitely shuddering. FYI, this novel is one of the top 10 Hindi novel ever made! Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha also made a film, but it was never out!

That book is like witchcraft! It' a straightforward tale - of Sudha and Chander! It is not only a fictional tale, but the true biography of a researcher at Allahabad University! Chander's on one side, Sudha's on the other. Mister Bharti has portrayed these two figures so nicely that you have the feeling that they are about you!

When the book is over, you just can' t help feeling for the character! and wish certain things hadn't been done the way they did! Anyway, whatever you say about this thing is less! You will not be dissapointed if you have a good understanding of Hindi!

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