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Book review - Volume 1 | LearnEnglish for teenagers

About a teenager from India, named Pi, who is travelling across the Pacific in a life boat. He has a huge animal in the life boat with him. In the beginning of the book we get to know something about Pi's early years in India. He has a zookeeping job and the whole household lives in a farm.

He and his sibling help their dad in the animal park and are learning to care for the cattle. At the age of 16, his mum and dad decided to shut down the animal park and move to Canada. Selling some of the pets to North America wildlife sanctuaries, the owners take the pets with them on a boat to Canada.

There' s a horrible gale on the way and the ship's sinking. The pi is in a life boat with hyaena, zipra, orang-utan and toadstool. As he sees the beasts, Pi is afraid and leaps into the sea. And then he recalls that there are shark in the sea and he goes back into the life boat.

Unfortunately, Pi's familiy and the seamen of the boat are dying by thunder. First after second the lifeboats are killing and eating the pi and the tigers. Fortunately for Pi there is nourishment and fresh air on the life boat, but he has to catch a few catches soon.

He' feeding the shark to the bull so he won't kill and eat it. He' also uses a pipe and his animal lore from the ZO to inspect the Tigers. Pee and the Tigress spent 227 day in the life boat. Eventually they reach the Mexican shore, but you have to study the book to find out what happens in the end!

and I couldn't stop perusing it. There is a story in which Pi is in the life boat singing "Happy Birthday" to his mum on the anniversary of her birth, even though he thinks she is gone. because it'?s very gradual and dull.

This is a captivating book! I' ve loved the whole thing, but I've also learned so much about marine life and survival. It is a book for everyone, young and old, men and woman. What is your favorite book?

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