Book Review Essay example

Books review essay example

Do you have problems with your book review? This is my sample essay as a guide. Its history and the book of options review and example vary depending on critics, matters and those and finally style in Pakistan. Should you simply have a good idea of what the book is about, who the main characters are and what is at stake? Need help with the book review?

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Sample book review essay

Do you have problems with your book review? This is my example essay as a guideline. Hint* Due to the web formats my essay does not seem to be twice as large. Also make sure you use the Times New Roman typeface, and the type should be 12 pt.

Strangely enough, these things become the least of Miranda Tate's concerns in the 257-page novel High. This is a contemporary novel based on a synthesis of his mystic story, an analyse of Miranda's vibrant nature and a debate on the subject of punishment.

It begins with Miranda trying to play down the main discrepancies, with her father's new BMW cabriolet, which causes her folks to sent her to Bard Academy, a dormitory for young people. The Bard Academy's home on an isle off the Maine coastline seems like the middle of the earth to a young Chicagoite.

When Miranda gets to the Isle, she knows something's wrong with the whole thing. The situation becomes even weirder when Miranda finds out that there was a college kid who had vanished from Bard a few years earlier, and Miranda becomes positively that this girl's spirit is after her. Throughout history Miranda has discovered that there are figures from classical fiction, among them Heathcliff from the novel Wuthering Heights, walking around the town.

Miranda and her boyfriends reveal the mystery of the academy. In exchange, they were convicted of serving with Bard for an indefinite period. And if that wasn't enough, Miranda finds out that she is the descendent of Kate Shaw, an escapee from Wuthering Heights.

When she walks into the Wuthering Heights and the book is burnt, Emily is arrested. Miranda, the book's protagonist, is proving to be very energetic. The most evident change is that her view of the schools and especially of Bard has changed drastically. In the beginning of the book, Miranda readily acknowledges that she is not very much focussed on education and maintains that it is about balancing in everyday lives, so she is entitled to focus more on clothing and boyfriends to the point where her marks fade.

She' s desperate when she finds out that she has to do without her mobile telephone and hairdryer; she even tries to run away from work. At the end of the history, their perspectives have totally shifted. She' s much luckier with Bard' s visit and realises that the lack of distraction really helps her to concentrate on her studies.

Miranda is energetic on a lower plane because she has become more self-confident. With Bard, Miranda has to take part in counselling interviews. In her first meeting, Ms. W., her mom, schoolteacher, and counsellor, asks Miranda about her home. Miranda is the one who cares for herself and her little sibling.

Because of this insight, Miranda begins to respect her mum and dad as they are and accepts the fact that it really isn't their doing what they do. Though it is not directly explicit, it seems that by the end of the book, Miranda's propulsion to act out has diminished of what it was in the beginning of the message.

She may not have begun her Bard adventure with an open spirit, but with the help of her new boyfriends and educators, she is discovering a series of positive experiences about visiting a ghost-led delinquent education. Although Miranda is in love with her best home mates Liz and Cass, she acknowledges the fact that it is probably good that she can't be with them much longer because they have a negative impact and improve her chance of getting into difficulties.

Also as was previously remarked, Miranda realises that being away from the house's deflections, includ-ing her mobile telephone and political parties, allows her to focus on scholowork and that she doesn't really care to do her scholowwork. She even has a better selection of friends during her stay at Bard. With Bard, she gets close to a fella she knew from her old college, and he really takes care of her.

Rather than have a date that includes booze, they end up on a date where they like to eat pop-tarts that are smuggled to Bard. Altogether Miranda realizes that her sentence is not so severe and she seems to be glad that she was sent to Bard.

Wuthering High is a book with a mystic storyline, a vibrant Miranda and a subject about punishment. As for a universe where everyone seems to care who has the greatest and best of everything, this tale shows that sometimes less is really more.

In short, we must teach our children less about materials and more about the things that are priceless: making money out of our loved ones, having a good home and having a good schooling.

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