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The Book Review Digest offers excerpts and full text reviews on a variety of topics from various sources. The Book Review Digest Plus is an indispensable library tool that brings together book reviews on a variety of topics from different sources. Extracts from and quotes to reviews of adult and youth books and non-fiction. Offers excerpts from and quotes to reviews of adult and youth books and non-fiction books in important subject areas. Review Digest Retrospective, Retro.

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An indispensable book reviewing service that provides book review coverage of a broad spectrum of subjects from a broad spectrum of resources, most notably papers, periodicals and general-interest publications. In contrast to bookstore and open web book review, many of the book review Digest Plus book review comes from quoted periodicals, making it an inestimable source for literature and biography research.

Subjects, abstracts, notes and grades make this a useful instrument for advising, building collections and supporting curricula.

Review Digest Retrospective | Book Review Archive

Available at MARC RecordsRead more..... The MARC 21 data sets for each of the titles in the compilation are available to our clients free of cost. This high-value recording complies with accepted local and international conventions, such as the Library of Congress Name Authorities and Subject Headings, and offers advanced multi-user capabilities. Datasets contain perpetual domains that contain a link to each track in the library.

For this archive compilation MARC 21 Records are available on demand at This data base collects almost eight years of H.W. Wilson's Book Review Digest and offers extracts from and quotes to book and nonfiction book critiques from 1903 to 1982. Practically every great concept that marked the twentieth centuries found its way into a book.

Responses to these suggestions are mirrored in the book review, and the Book Review Digest Retrospective makes it simple to browse this huge body of information. Critics can be searched by name, with extracts from such renowned authors as Edmund Wilson and John Updike.

Digest book review. Collegiate journal, 1905

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