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Sharing on Facebook. Sharing on Facebook. New Goodreads Android App is here! FIND - Scan book covers for immediate reading and storage on your Want to Read shelf. Well-reads is the most popular of book cataloging sites and encourages reviews (and contains many other features we expect from social media sites).

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Explore and publish your favourite book on Goodreads, the world's biggest website for book review! Browse new and interesting textbooks by searching personalised referrals according to the textbooks you've studied and your favourite genre. Watch what your buddies say, review your book and keep an overview of what you want to have.

You can use our bar code reader the next day you visit a bookshop. Put the book in your hand on your "readable" bookshelf and look through the bookmarks before you buy. Over 35 million members have added more than 1 billion volumes to their bookshelves. The Goodreads app is the only app that brings together the strength and breadth of the Goodreads fellowship with a vast catalogue of textbooks and review.

  • Get personalised advice and find new book to your taste. - Goodreads Choice Awards: Choose your favourite book of the year and see the winner! - Take part in the Reading Challenge! - Barcode scanners! - View book review and update from your buddies. - Browse new titles and find your favourite booklist.
  • Evaluate and evaluate each book in our catalogue with more than 12 million titles. - Share your comments and progression update as you continue your work. - Recommend this book to a friend. - Join on-line book societies and link up with other people. - FindĀ friends: They track all your textbooks you have already seen, want to see or are about to see and put them on bookshelves that you can make either publicly or privately.

It is easy to find out more about them (other works by this author), you can find new works on the basis of the works you have already studied or certain categories. Best of all, the app is free and has only related ads on the basis of text or readings.

It' one of the best ledgers Ruth has ever published. It has an astonishing talent, with its description you will be taken to a period in which you were ruled by your own loving home, your own lives and the lives of the families in which you were birth. It is so fascinating that you can't sit and watch to see how and why each chapter of your storyline is inseparable.

It is basically a lovestory that is awakened to a lifetime and allows the readers to step into a period in which their futures were marked by conflict and outrage. And when I ended a smiling face, when I realized that I could never really die, but that it was worn by those who reminded me of you.

Ciao, I like this app. I' m recording all my readings now religious and have done them in the last twelve month. I am always inspired to write and every book I label as "read" felt like an accomplishment. Citations at the beginning when opening the app are also very inspirational, but it's a pity that they sometimes go away before you can even start looking at them!

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