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It is 2044 and the actual word has become an unpleasant place. And, like most people, Wade is possessed by the ultimative raffle ticket hidden in this alternative reality: James Halliday, the founders of the company, who died without an inheritor, has pledged that controlling the work of the company - and his vast wealth - will go to the individual who can resolve the mysteries he has dispersed in his work.

Over the years tens of thousands of people have been fighting unsuccessfully for this price because they only know that the mysteries are rooted in the 20th cent. cultur. Then Wade tripped over the keys to the first jigsaw game. All of a sudden he finds himself in a frantic competition for the final price, a pursuit that soon becomes frightening - and that will change both Wade and his life to the full.

Book review

The One Rotten Apple and Other Storys by Vandana Kumari Jena, writer of Dance of Death and The Incubation Chamber, is an collection of twenty-six tales that skilfully weave a wall hanging of the real ities of living by throwing lights on a palette of people' s moods, the figures' psychedelic upheaval and some seriously threatening societal ills.

Dancing until the demon's demise, she cried: playing the drums, dancing the gongs, losing her own breathing and dying: some dancing just for a minute tapped on the tune and went bad. This is the dissolution of one of the figures from Mridula Garg's new novel - she is dancing and dying.

The novel Vasu ka Kutum begins as a secondary figure, as domestic help in an upscale middle-class district in New Delhi, and ends with one of the most influential sequences in the novel, which performs the Danse of Doom, more energetic than Nataraj himself, as the writer puts it.

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