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" What do you think of this book (article, film, class or news report)? You can use these read responses for any fiction! An essay on a book is a reader's reaction, and like any essay it must argue a thesis. It is a brilliant resource that your children can use once they have reached the end of their reading books! Book Reaction Weekly for ______.

Read response blogging

Almost every single working days my pupils have their own times in our readers' studio. Throughout this period I meet with small groups and try to work with at least two or three pupils on an individual outreach. I would like to talk to each pupil about his or her own book, but there is no such thing as this.

But if you answer them in written form to their readings, it is a windows into their thoughts and understands. I have provided my read response form and graphical organizer for self read a few week ago, which are an integrated part of my read-programm. However, there are a few working hours when there is only a brief response.

I would like to join you this weekend to make my children think about their readings and divide their thoughts in five or less min. I use Kidblog to exchange thoughts and emotions about my classes work. Whilst my pupils like to " blogs " to respond to their own independant textbooks, they especially like to comment on our cloud of classroom-reads.

Many times I start a topic with a separate query or remark, and the student soon takes over the work. As reading clouds offer us a shared text and a shared learning environment, the pupils not only abandon their own thoughts, but immerse themselves completely in the learning by responding to the commentaries of others.

I can' t expect my third grade pupils to see if anyone has commentated on their contributions, which makes this five-minute reader's reaction one of the most exciting we are doing. Kidblog may be a good starting point if you want to use your own group. Below are pictures of some of the blogs my pupils began with some of their answers to a query I asked about our latest book Wayside School Is Falling Up.

In ten-minute period there were 54 commentaries from the group! If we " twitter " about our readings, it must be a thought of her book, formulated in 30 words or less. I' m usually helping them with requests like What are you doing or asking yourself right now, or How has one of the character's been changing since you began to read?

A lot of people also like to add their own hash tags related to the book's titles or the topic of their tweets. I have been using a tic-tac-toe card for years to give pupils the opportunity to choose with their week-long spelling/word learning words, so I chose to use the same approach to the read response.

When the pupils give a "little" answer, as they call it, they can select an open space on the Tic-Tac-Toe card and answer it on one page in their workbook. A part of the joke is getting a tic-tac-toe, but the pupils actually answer requests that are inside, above and outside the text.

Please click on the pictures above to get a customisable Tic-Tac-Toe card and the response papers of my schoolchildren. This" countdown" answer concentrates on the essentials. On this half page the pupils give information about how to read, summarize, sequence, terminology and the question and understanding strategies we work on in our work.

At First I Thought... Answer allows you to divide how your mind has shifted about a person or action while you read. I have had the answer filled in for them without even being allocated because they had a spontaneous revelation while they read it that they wanted to put into words.

Attend Printables and Teacher Express to see the wide range of response support. This brief answer gives me a moment's view of my students' thoughts and understanding on the dates when I can't see them. If I reply to her letter, I see it as a kind of paper talk between us.

As I read their answers, I naturally take cognizance of the misconceptions a student might have or any diversions they may need, and I keep these talks when we get together face to face. What is your students' reaction to their readings without taking up too much teaching at school?

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