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Report Summary Example

Write a one-paragraph summary of a Novel A template and a guide using Gary Paulsen's Hatchet as an example. Write a summary If you are writing an answer to an essay or book review, you should summarize the action of the book, but this should not be the entire report. The structure of the formal report briefly describes these aspects. It could be the title of the book, the author, the attitude, the character analysis and the summary of the events. When writing the summary, your aim is to convey the basic ideas of the original reading.

Writing a great sixth grade book summary

Provide us with great information about the book itself. No. No information about what happens in the book - we want to know something about the book. - What do you think of the book? Here is an example I wrote for my book summary: The Streaming Deep is a fabulous phantasy tale by Rick Riordan.

It' a history of Greek mythology in our time. Posted in 2004, The Lighting Theief is book one in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians franchise. It won the Rebecca Caudill Prize, and the Percy Jackson book has been shortlisted for a dozen other prizes. All Percy Jackson titles are on the New York Time bestsellers lists, and the show has become one of the most loved children's book collections since Harry Potter.

It' now is the right moment to tell us more about the individual who has written your book. Here is an example: He teached his pupils in Grecian mythology and shared the legends with his boy as goodnight-story. He ran out of Hellenic tales one evening to tell his boy, so his boy asked him to come up with one.

He began to tell the tale of a young man in our time, meeting all kinds of characters, creatures and deities from ancient Greek history. Finally Riordan took down the histories and they became the Percy Jackson accounts. Percy Jackson has many things in Common with Riordan's child, among them educational issues such as ADHD and lexicon.

In this section you will find the protagonists (or the leading figure or the good man) of your book. You' re supposed to be writing about the characters, not what they're doing in history. Here is the example: A sixth-grade student by the name of Percy Jackson is the lead figure of The Lightning Theief. Pércy is living in a universe where the tales of Greek mythology are true.

Percy's mother is a man, but his father is one of the old Greeks, which makes Percy a demigod or half-blood. Half-breed like Percy has some astonishing superpowers, and Percy uses his to defeat bad creatures and struggle for good. When the book begins, Percy has flown out of different school.

If you read a human versus natural history, of course, the lists change a little). natures history, you have to enumerate the things that natures do to stop your character from resolving his problems. As an example. Brian tries to live in the wild after a airplane accident in the book Hatchet.

A horrible gale strikes Brian's warehouse at one point in history, and he realises that there is health care in the airplane that has sunken far below at the bottom of a sea. Here is an example of a common example of antagonism ( (this one from the third book of the Percy Jackson series):

One of Percy Jackson's closest acquaintances, Luke, is the male channel character in The Titan's Courses. Lucas is the child of the Grecian gods Hermes, but he has become angry because he is envious of all the attentions that other half-breeds like Percy get. It is Luke who works with some other figures from ancient Greece to conquer the underworld.

In this section it is about another person in the book, just choose the most important person in the book (this is not the main characters or antagonists). If you' re talkin' about the other characters: Here is the example: Another important figure in The Lightning Deep is Grover. The next step is a section about the duration of your book.

  • First, you should give us an estimate of when your book will be published. - If you don't know a particular year or epoch, use contextual cues such as historic happenings, popular cultural reference and any of the technologies (or missing technologies) contained in the history to find out.
  • Next, tell us about the seasons or seasons (if it is important for the story). - How much elapses in your book (one date, one year, one life)? - How is the bout different than now (if it's a fashionable book, jump this one)? - After all, if your book is written over more than one year ( "like a travelogue "), it is important to state this.

Here is the example: It' s hard to speak of history when talking about the Titan hex. Much of the book originates from old greece myth and is thousand of years old, but the history itself happens in new age. After Percy Jackson's 8, the storyline unfolds during the course of the Sommers.

Percy Jackson is not like the way we are. Some of the old Greeks' creatures, deities and characters are true, and some of them are trying to conquer the underworld. The process of telling where your tale happens is a few simple paces. - Begin with the big picture: Give us the name of the land, state, town or even planets you are booking on.

Here is the example: This is a phantasy tale set in various places throughout the United States. Beginning in the hinterland of New York, the book follows the character to New York City and goes on as the hero travels through the land to Los Angeles. there' re several important attitudes in the history.

The Yancy Academy, Percy's place, is where the tale begins. There is also a New York Musée, the St. Louis Arch, an entertainment parc in Denver, an archway in Las Vegas and the underworld. Pércy travelled to many different places across the land in search of a thieving flash for the Grecian gods Zeus.

It' a humorous tale that keeps you on the sidelines of your chair while you await Percy's saving the game. - What your character's been like when the book started. - The main issue the player has to face because of the incitement.

Here is the example: When The Lightning Thiief started Percy Jackson just found out that he was being expelled from another one. At the end of the year, Percy gets into a fight with his mrs. Dodds. As she drags him aside to discuss it, Mrs. Dodds turns into a terrible creature and attack Percy.

Somehow Péry succeeds in killing her. Pércy finds out that he is half-breed, half man and half Old Greece and he has been charged with thunderbolt. In order to clear his name, you have to find the actual pickpocket. On the way it is up to the monster Pacy to get away from the Fury, Medusa, the Chimera and furious deities like Hephestus and Ares.

It' a battle against the clock, so Percy must find the pin and bring it back to Mount Olympus before the deities start a battle that can end the underworld. We' re doing 8 book reviews a year, so it's probably a good thing to change it every year.

Topic - What is the basic text? So what is the writer trying to say with this one? How the book's happenings are changing the characters, helping them to develop as a personality, how the storyline continues. Name concrete exapmples from the book.

Atmosphere/sound - What is the atmosphere or sound of the film? How does this book make you feeling? Who' s gonna tell the tale? What influence does this storyteller have on the way the narrative is narrated? You think that's the best way to tell the tale?

Connecting to the World - If your book is a historic tale, a reality tale or even sometimes a science fiction tale, it can have links to the right one. Relation to other books - Is there another book or history your book will remind you of? Spend some of your free day exploring this link.

So if we liked the book you just saw, tell us a few other titles we might like. Use only one more book by the same writer, but no ledgers of the same collection.

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