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When you explain what a book is about, you describe the plot of the story. It tells the story of a series of events, mostly thematically or in chronological order. Center for English Corpus Linguistics. History. Make a collage to display the book.

Ruskin Bond's Room on the Roof - Reviews | Children's Literature

The Room on the Roof is about an abandoned kid called Rusty who has no proper home after his parents' deaths. He' s very lonesome and depressed and although he is living with his custodian (Mr. John Harrison), he doesn' t really like it. He' s experiencing several emotions: he' s bewildered, committed, desperate, alone and depressed.

He' s puzzled because he's a little kid between the ages of an grown-up and a kid and doesn' t know who to go after or what his next move will bring. He/she is obligated to obey the instructions and regulations of his/her legal representative and does not dare to obey him/her. He' feeling defenseless knowing that if he' disobeying Mr. John' s orders, he' getting punched.

and he' s so alone in his guardian's home. Although Rusty is a semi-Indian, John doesn't let Rusty near the basar for a reason: The Indians are very filthy and this story is made just after the British rule India, so he must have felt more outnumbered!

Someday Rusty decided to get some breath of fresh fresh air and goes for a stroll while his custodian was in Delhi. When he has walked through the woods, he stands in front of the bazar and fights his instincts. So Rusty follows his instincts and enters the basar.

So far Rusty has no hopes or optimism, but then he finds a nice guy called Somi and befriends him. Smi and his buddies will be Rusty's hopes and trust, and Somi and Ranbir are really nice to Rusty. As Rusty goes home, he realizes that his custodian is back early and gets beaten because he goes to the basar.

Now Rusty knows what he has to do. He has Somi's support. Gradually, from a disoriented young man, Rusty becomes a self-confident and self-sufficient young man! He' gets a work as an English teacher for a kid called Kishen, in exchange for a small room on the rooftop and a meal.

This story changes when he looses all his boyfriends and his first loves. Rusty's last sources of trust and trust have disappeared and his solitary times are coming back. So Rusty is spending his sorry few years looking out the windows and planning to run away again. Resolutely determined to go back to England, he said good-bye to his old acquaintances and found Kishen convincing him to alter his opinion of his decision to go back to England.

I like about the book: And I like this book because it was from a teenage point of view. He was seventeen when he did so and the story was based on his own experience when he was living in Dehra. It was because he, too, felt some of the emotion Rusty felt in history.

This was a great book because it has many different feelings and I like the way Ruskin Bond wrote it: a story that was made into such a moving and sorrowful book. We had some fun description, like when Ruskin Bond described a situation: Having finished Room on The Roof, I look forward to hearing some of Ruskin Bond's other story.

Panther's Moon and Other Stories, The Hidden Pool und Rusty geht nach London. In this book, I think the writer has declared an important one. For me, the lessons in this story is to stay open as Rusty was and obey my instinct. Had Rusty not befriended the folks at the basar, he would never have had all the marvellous things in history.

As Ruskin Bond reminded me, they both use an interesting tongue and really fun sentences to describe their personalities and histories. Although, Roald Dahl is more fantastic and Ruskin Bond's tales seem to look like memoir but rather presented as a story. I' D GIVE THIS BOOK A 9 OUT OF 10 RATINGS!

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